Once a lesson learnt, China plays it safe; Asserts Pakistan to resolve Kashmir issue through dialogue

News Bharati    09-Sep-2019

New Delhi, September 9: A lesson learnt aptly, China was slightly shaken after United Nations verdict of Kashmir issue tilting towards India. Slating a historic visit, India reiterates its stand on Kashmir being an internal matter and any issue with Pakistan can be solved bilaterally. Playing safe, China said that the Kashmir dispute needed to be resolved through talks, but, Beijing reiterated its support to safeguarding Islamabad’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence and national dignity.

Islamabad and Beijing issued a joint press release after talks between the two sides during Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s two-day visit to the country. “Parties need to settle disputes and issues in the region through dialogue on the basis of mutual respect and equality,” the statement said.

China said it was closing monitoring the situation in the region, and was opposed to unilateral actions that would complicate matters. It said the Kashmir dispute should be resolved peacefully based on the United Nations Charter, relevant UN Security Council resolutions and bilateral agreements.

The statement came two days after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said the Indian government’s decision to remove Jammu and Kashmir’s special constitutional status had challenged Islamabad’s “security and integrity”. Pakistan tried its level best to peddle fake news about atrocities in Kashmir by making illogical statements and highlighting petty things to show their opposition.

India and Pakistan have engaged in a war of words ever since Jammu and Kashmir’s special status was revoked on August 5. Islamabad retaliated by suspending bilateral trade and downgrading ties with New Delhi. It has raised the matter at the United Nations Security Council, and threatened take it to the UN Human Rights Council and the International Court of Justice as well.

India has maintained its decisions are its internal matter. On Friday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said most countries viewed the Kashmir matter the same way. EAM S Jaishankar has been visiting various countries to fortify relations with them and also making them aware of the Kashmir situation where everyone now asserts Kashmir to be India’s internal matter.