WATCH: Rafale's figure of 8 steals show at 88th Air Force Day; Know More-

NewsBharati    08-Oct-2020
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Ghaziabad, Oct 8: The Indian Air Force Day is celebrated on 8th October and today Indian Air Force is observing its 88th Anniversary. A scintillating air display by various aircraft took place in the Air Force Day Ceremony at Air Force Station Hindan, Ghaziabad.
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Making its debut, the newly inducted Rafale fighter also took part in the Air Force day celebrations. The fighter jet displayed its ability to carry out sharp turns during the flypast. The Rafale flew in the 'Vijay' formation, flanked by two SEPECAT Jaguars and Mirage 2000 each. It also carried out a minimum radius turn within an area smaller than a hockey field forming a figure of eight. It also blasted into the sky to perform the ‘Vertical Charlie’.
After the Air Force Day 2020 parade, Chinook kicked off the air show. It showcased its heli-lift capability with two Chinooks carrying a container and a field artillery gun underslung over the parade venue. The tandem-rotor helicopter is one of the most reliable and efficient heavy-lift helicopters around the world as it is capable of carrying 11 tons.
Chinook, with its operating ceiling of 20,000 feet, will redefine heli-lift operations in the country that includes operations like inter-valley transport of troops, airlifting artillery guns, and heavy underslung loads for the Border Roads Organisation (BRO). It can also be used to deploy artillery guns at high altitude positions with the China border in the northeast.
the Mi-35 and four Apache choppers entered the air space in the Eklavya formation led by group captain Rajshekhar Reddy. It also fired flares as a part of the display of the prowess of the aerial wing of the defense force. Apart from this, the fighter jet also carried out vertical charlie maneuvers and formed the 'Trishul' as part of the IAF's anniversary day celebration.
The indigenously produced attack helicopter, Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Rudra, was seen flying overhead. Rudra is capable of a wide range of missions, including reconnaissance, troop transport, anti-tank warfare, and close air support. The IAF’s ‘Bison’ was seen in the Bahadur formation, leading with two MiG-29’s and 2 Su-30KI’s on its flank. The ‘Bison’ or MiG-21 is a supersonic air combat interceptor known for its agility and swift response.
As Rafale vacated the air space, Su-30MKI enters the skies with a loop, tumble, and yore. It also blasted into the sky to perform the ‘Vertical Charlie’. Next, India’s own Tejas fighter jet, a Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) manufactured by India’s own Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) takes off to show its own set of maneuvers. Along with them, Tiger Moth, Dakota DC-3 aircraft, the C-17 aircraft in Bahadur formation, and C-130J aircraft were seen in the Hercules formation.