Robot assist hospital staff serve COVID-19 patients

NewsBharati    08-Oct-2020
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Bhubaneswar, October 08: To protect the health workers from COVID-19 infection, the East Coast Railways Central Hospital here is using a Medical Robot called MeD ROBO to provide medicines, food and remote assistance to patients in the coronavirus ward, without any need for physical contact.

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The MeD ROBO is operated through a unique mobile app that has been developed as part of the innovation, supported by the WiFi facility, an ECoR official said. The robot is helping that hospital staff to serve food and medicines to COVID-19 patients while avoiding physical contact.
The robot's sensor can read a patient's body temperature and transmit the same for display on the smartphone. In case of any abnormal high-temperature reading, the MeD ROBO is capable of raising an alarm so as to alert the hospital staff attending to the patients. This is an in-house innovation by East Coast Railway.
Diesel Loco Shed at Visakhapatnam has fabricated this robot to assist hospital staff to serve COVID patients. Before being deployed for use in Central Railway Hospital at Mancheswar, the MeD ROBO underwent extensive trials and demonstrations, he said.

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