#MeToo; Who's actually 'Guilty'? Netflix's this original trembles mind, but strengthens mindset! Read more

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-Shivani Shinde  
#MeToo.. A hashtag that not only changed the cine world but gave a prime voice to every common woman or a college girl who remained silent, who could not speak against sexual harassment! But did the world believe her? Did she get people's full support, or they opted pass witty comments on her behavior, her clothes and her moves on?
'Guilty', the Netflix original released on March 06, 2020, puts its audience on the spot and asks them these pertinent questions. It shows the mentality of our society, shows how society has always judged a girl. The new Netflix original lays bare the varied faces of the #MeToo movement after a small-town girl, Tanu, accuses the most popular boy in the college, VJ, of assaulting her. It is one year after the incident, that the worms in the can get out, not only highlighting the modernised debate but exposing the innate bias society possesses against victims.
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It, of course, questions gender equality, shows how our society is biased towards boys. Girls who wear short dresses, drink alchohol and who are 'extra' friendly with boys deserved to get assualted is what our society thinks? The movie exactly counters the sattaire saying, "She is exactly the kind of girl who might get raped - a small-town girl, who dons revealing clothes."
Some questions here, are clothes enough to decide for a girl's character? Is it that the girls who wear short dresses, who are friendly with the boys want to get tortured. Is it a choice? It is always the girl who should take care of her safety while going out at night. Meanwhile, if anything happens, society is here on foot to say, "Bhul Ja O Ye Sab Aur Age Badho". Is it that easy?

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Further, in most of the Bollywood films we have seen victims hide their faces. 'Guilty' is a refreshing change in this regard. Tanu doesn't dial down, she doesn't hide her face with a dupatta after the incident. She jumps back solid in a shimmery mini dress, because it is she, herself! "Itna Sab Hone Ke Bad Bhi, Yeh Abhi Bhi Aise Kapade Pehnti Hai", meanwhile some girls blatantly say who take a back seat when it comes to actually help Tanu. In a paradoxical situation, boys stand up for her, rubbing off society's another allegation regarding the gender inequality.
Guilty is made with all the right intentions and a good heart, which helps overshadow some of its patchy work. Guilty is a reaction to the rise and stalling of the #MeToo movement. It addresses issues of exploitation, power, gender dynamics, sexism, the class divide, prejudice, judgment and, of course, the guilt!

Shivani Shinde

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