All private hospitals, doctors should lend their helping hands

News Bharati    29-Mar-2020   
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A friend in need is the friend indeed. But today one should change it a little bit to be more relevant by saying - “a doctor in need is a doctor indeed”. Because the doctors are our most wanted friends now. They are the ones who could save us from the Covid-19 malady.

It is the time when all “private” doctors, health clinics and nourishing homes should give serious thought towards helping the governments in their respective countries by extending their voluntary services in every possible way.

All doctors and owners of "private" medical institutes should agree that this is the most “unprecedented” pandemic health crisis mankind has ever witnessed, at least in modern times. So, the “private health professionals” and elite hospitals should come forwards with their open hearts. In fact, is it not the medical fraternity who has seen life from the close proximity of the “death”?

One’s materialistic possession, his high ambition and dream seems like an illusion when deaths come knocking the door? Look at the increasing fatalities in Italy and Spain due to raging coronavirus infection. The USA is scrambling to get its medical equipment together. Is it not heart-wrenching! The government of Italy has screamed in tears pleading for help as it’s medical wherewithal is almost exhausted. What more -- Prince Charles is in quarantine, so is now UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Health Secretary who tested positive for the deadly Corona-virus.

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This pandemic crisis is in fact an "alarm bell" tolled which should prompt us for a real introspection. The condition the world top countries are confronting should make us “convince” that our life is afloat on the bubble of “uncertainty”. Any moment our end can come. Life on this earth is no less than a temporary sojourn - the fact we can see and feel more clearly now than ever before.

So, one strongly believes that in these trying times all “private medical professionals” and proprietors of all nourishing homes and hospitals across the world should stand up to demonstrate their compassion towards the aggrieved humanity. They should open the doors of their hospitals and clinics for the treatment of COVID patients without discrimination and with utmost urgency. Needless to say, by all accounts, this is their moral obligation and the prime duty. However, if they still choose to remain on lockdown at home and keep silent then the groan and moan of humanity will unmask them forever.