Ram Navami; 9 lessons from Ramayana that will help one find right path of Dharma and Karma

News Bharati    02-Apr-2020   
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Ramanaya is considered to be one of the old, valued scriptures that reflects the Indian culture. It also reflects the ideal way of lifestyle, Lord Rama and Goddess Sita being the epitome of perfection. Having heard many stories and incidents from Ramayana, now is the time to incorporate those life lessons to be more peaceful and happy. Here are 9 important lessons from Ramayana that will help one find the right path of Dharma and Karma.
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Truth triumphs
The basic teaching fo Ramayana is that no matter how powerful evil is, it will always be defeated by Good. Truth always wins, no matter how vicious or poisonous lie is because even a bitter truth oozes with positivity and the sweetest lie has the darkest agenda behind it. The win of good over evil is a universal fate. A person should always have a noble heart and good values. That is how Lord Rama defeated the most knowledgeable person in history Ravana.
Unity can overcome any difficulty in life
Dashratha has three wives and four sons, all of them loved each other immensely and when life put them through tough times, their hearts were united even when they were apart physically. You should always stand by your family because when together a family can win over any difficulty. The fruits of togetherness give the power to sail the ship when the tide seems higher than the sky.
Be deeply committed to your duty
Besides being Sita’s husband, Ram was also the King of Ayodhya. And the duty of the king is to keep his subjects happy. And hence, he had to abandon his wife for the sake of the masses after they questioned her chastity. As a husband, he was duty bound towards his wife. But as a King, he had to think of his subjects’ wishes ahead of his personal ones.

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Choose the path of righteousness
Vibhishana, younger brother of Ravana chose to not support his sibling in the war against Ram. He knew his brother had committed a sin by abducted someone, a married lady.
Remain humble no matter how powerful you become
Hanuman could have easily rescued Sita from Ravana’s Ashoka Vatika. He had the power to single-handedly fight against Ravana’s army. But he chose to surrender to Lord Ram’s divinity and let him do the needful.
Treat everyone equally
Lord Rama treated everyone equally and that’s how he earned the love and respect among everyone. No matter if a person was younger or elder, poor or rich, he was the same person for everyone. Even when Sabri (the sage’s daughter) offered him the already tasted berry fruits he ate them without giving a second thought. He was always kind and humble to people. We should toe inhere this quality. We should always treat everyone with equality and should not discriminate on the basis of status, sex, age, or cast. We should treat animals equally as the true human being is the one who knows that everyone deserves an equal treatment.

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Always keep good company
It is said that your company shapes you into a person you are. We have been told to keep good company since childhood and Ramayana too emphasize the relevance of good company. Queen Kaikeyi, the third wife of Dashratha loved Rama more than her own son but her handmaiden, Manthara poisoned her thoughts with negative feed, in result Kaikeyi asked for Rama’s fourteen years of exile. A negative person can brainwash all the good inside you, that is why we should always keep a healthy circle so that we become better with time.
All that glitters is not gold
Sita got attracted to a spotted deer that looked incredibly beautiful. She wanted Ram to get the deer for her from the jungle. Actually, it wasn’t a deer, but Mareech, Ravana’s accomplice in disguise of the animal.
Forgiveness is greater than revenge
When Ravana learned that Laxman has insulted his sister Supnakha, he went to seek vengeance and abducted Sita. Now he was lured into his own trap of anger and ultimately he signed his death warrant. He was well-versed and knowledgeable but the feeling of revenge cost him his life, therefore, we should always keep a forgiving nature because vengeance and revenge do not bring any good. They bring a downfall in our life. Keeping an attitude of forgiveness brings peace and harmony.