The political game of committed bureaucracy and Islamophobia

NewsBharati    04-May-2020   
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-Virag Pachpore 
A few days ago, Congress Woking President Sonia Gandhi accused the Narendra Modi government of spreading the virus of communalism in the country presently struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic. The same Sonia was tight-lipped on the killing of two innocent sadhus in Maharashtra’s Palghar district where her party is in alliance with the ruling Shiv Sena in a three-wheeler government. But she and her son Rahul were forthright to blame the Modi government of spreading the ‘virus of division and hatred’.
It appears that this script was already prepared beforehand. Otherwise how could one explain the immediate reaction of 101 former officers and bureaucrats who started crying hoarse from their rooftops as did the ‘award-wapsi’ gang in the past? The news broke into the so-called ‘mainstream’ media bringing the Muslims at the focus in this trying period of Coronavirus pandemic.
This time this anti-Modi front was led by the gang of officers and bureaucrats loyal to 10 Janpath. They issued a statement in tune with what Sonia and Rahul said pointing an accusing finger at Modi government and the Hindutva forces for the ‘sorry state’ of Muslims in India. The statement described all these 101 ‘loyalists’ as ‘impartial, non-political and non-partisan’ officers. However, closer scrutiny reveals the facts that are contrary to this claim. Let us examine the credentials of them one by one.

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The top signatory to this statement was M Chandrasekhar, former Cabinet Secretary. During the Sonia remote-controlled Manmohan Singh government this fellow was given an appointment to the top post initially for a period of two years. Sonia was so ‘impressed’ by his working style that she impressed upon the Manmohan Singh government to amend the rule to grant an extension to this man for four years! And, his tenure was extended for four years by enacting legislation at the behest of Sonia Gandhi.
Wajahat Habibullah is another signatory to this statement. He was the first Chief Information Commissioner ICIC) in 2005. He is most liked by Sonia and Manmohan and recently he was deputed as an interlocutor to convince the Shahin Bag agitators to end their dharna by the Supreme Court. But instead of doing so, he filed an affidavit in the apex court stating that the dharna at Shahin Bag was peaceful and legal. Habibullah does not hide his anti-Modi poisonous mentality as and when he gets a chance.
The third in the line is S. Dulat. He is an IPS of 1965 batch and dubbed the Pulwama attack as ‘conspiracy of Modi’. He is the one who raised questions over the surgical strike and criticized the government for withdrawing security to Kashmiri separatist leaders. A staunch critic of the Modi government, Dulat still brands himself as ‘impartial’. Former Delhi Lt. Governor Najib Jung is another name in the list. He has been all the way obliged to Manmohan Singh and is known as the ‘best friend’ of Kapil Sibal. He was the VC of Jamia Milia. His family used to serve the Nizam of Hyderabad.
Julio Ribeiro, the former Mumbai Police Commissioner who played a very commendable role in dousing the ambers of Khalistan terrorism in Punjab as DGP had a major role in propagating the false theory of Hindu terrorism and described the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir as a ‘dictatorial and clever’ step by the Modi government. Soon after Modi government was sworn in, this same Ribeiro had predicted that India would now become a Hindu state.
Former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) S Y Qureshi’s commitment to the Gandhi family is beyond doubts. He very recently hoped and prayed for an early end of Narendra Modi. And he had not expressed any remorse for this. The reality is that this gang of 101 bureaucrats is actually the ‘B’ team of the Congress and the Left besides being the tainted face of the permanently committed bureaucracy. The country witnessed the rise of this ‘committed bureaucracy and ‘committed judiciary’ during the days of the late Indira Gandhi in the 1970s.
Most of these officers who raised the worthless and substance less point of discrimination against the Muslims in the Modi raj, are most loyal to the Congress since Indira’s days and are only performing their ‘duty’. Others like Harsh Mandar, Ashok Bajpai and Aruna Roy have lost their balance since 2014. Ashok Bajpai led the award-wapsi gang on Akhlaq lynching incident but has kept mum on the Palghar lynching today because the Congress is in power there with Shiv Sena and NCP.
The pertinent question is what made these 101 officers raise their voice in tune with Sonia Gandhi at this juncture when the country is passing through difficult days? Are the Muslims really discriminated against due to the Coronavirus pandemic? Or, has the government taken any such step that has gone against the Muslims? Isn’t it a crime to hide the information about coronavirus infection knowingly? Has the government deprived the Muslims of treatment? Is there a single case that shows such kind of discrimination?
The truth is that the Tablighi Jamaat has committed a crime against the Indian people by hiding the facts of COVID –19 infections in their congregation. They acted with the ‘Jihadi’ mentality. But these ‘multi-communal’ committed bureaucrats and left pseudo-intellectuals only see the Muslims as ‘minority’ in India. Because they are more ‘powerful’ than the Sikhs, Parsis, Jains, and Christians to decisively tilt the political balance. It would have been wiser for these bureaucrats to have appealed the Muslims to join the struggle against the virus and join hands with the country in this war against Coronavirus. But blinded by Modi hatred and their commitment to the Gandhi dynasty, this is next to impossible to expect any such act of them.
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In spite of their repeated attempts to malign the Modi brand, they are nowhere near the success. The Modi brand is getting stronger day by day and in frustration, they have now raised the bogey of Islamophobia. By doing so, they are trying to pollute the goodwill India had earned among the Muslim countries in the world during these days. The unholy and unscrupulous alliance of the Liberal-Left-Congress has decided to create hurdles for the NRIs by raising the cry of Islamophobia on the basis of the steps taken by the Modi government to contain the spread of the COVID-19 vis-à-vis action against the Tablighi Jamaat members who are responsible for infecting over 30 percent of Muslims by this virus. This gang can stoop to any low to defame Modi.
Remember, how Ashok Bajpai had approached the then British PM along with 50 litterateurs insisting on the PM to hold a dialogue with Modi on this issue? Today the Indian society has understood the nefarious designs of this gang of 101. The days of committed bureaucracy and judiciary are over now. Narendra Modi is the natural choice of Indian people today. The country had accepted Vajpayee, Nehru, Indira as ‘natural leaders’ for decades. India is a democracy and is not a personal property of anyone dynasty. The opposition is in a rootless state today, it has lost its moorings.
55 crore people had participated in lighting the lamps responding to the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s #9MinuteChallenge on April 9 all over the country. This underlines the wider acceptance of Modi as a nationally credible leader of Indian masses. Besides, Modi is being hailed by the world leaders for his innovative ideas to contain the COVID-19 spread in India and for his nature to help the world community in this hour of crisis.
And, it is precisely where the shoe pinches to this liberal, multi-communal jamaat.