'India will finish under Top 10 in 2028 Olympics' Believes Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju

NewsBharati    08-Jun-2020
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New Delhi, June 08: Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju assured that India's preparations have started for finishing under top-10 in the 2028 Olympics. He further stated that the junior champions will have the ability to return back to India with more medals as the preparations have started.
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While having a conversation table tennis player Manika Batra in an Instagram live session, the Sports Minister disclosed the long-term plans. He said 2024 Paris Olympics is a mid-term goal but a long term to India finish under top-10 would be in the 2028 Olympics. "The 2024 Games is a mid-term goal but the long term is 2028. When I became sports minister I had very limited talents, potential Olympic medalists," Rijiju said.
He further stated that in the 2024 Paris Olympics India will have the potential to bag maximum medals in the Quadrennial Games."In 2024, we will have a potential team that can get us maximum medals. But in 2028 I've made my mind very clear we have to be in top-10. And I'm not saying just like that. Our preparation has started," he said.
"Junior athletes are our future champions, we have started our preparation in a solid way. We will see results in 2024 and will make rapid progress. But mark my words, India will be in top-10 in 2028. We are creating a conducive atmosphere, support staff towards that," the minister added.
Rijiju said he has already laid the foundation of it by supporting junior athletes programs. "To create a world champ it will take four to eight years. I've laid the foundation now. We have started junior coaching very professionally. We are providing the best possible coaching and technical support. It will require four to eight years to become champion," Rijiju said.
Rijiju said even during the lockdown ensured that all the dues of the athletes. "We have not stopped the stipends. We have released the money for all the junior athletes too. We have cleared all of them and not a penny is pending," he said.