Why does India breed so many traitors?

NewsBharati    18-Jul-2020   
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While studying Indian history in school days, one always wondered as to why Indian rulers always suffered defeat at the hands of the foreign invaders. It was only at a much later stage that one learnt the true reason for India’s perennial humiliation in the battlefields. Every victory of the foreign invaders was facilitated by the local collaborators who betrayed their kings for some devious reward or to settle personal scores. No fort was ever conquered without the infidelity of a trusted minister/commander. In other words, we are adept at producing hordes of traitors who revel in India’s ruin.
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Unfortunately, centuries of slavery has taught us nothing. We carry on spawning throngs of people who can stoop down to any level (even imperil national security) for their petty gains. Our leaders, media and intellectuals appear to have a single point agenda: how to generate innovative issues to keep the nation divided and embroiled in petty bickering and internal dissentions; and thereby impede progress and bring a bad name to the country. They abhor India’s rise. Let me elucidate.
The Ignoble Political Leaders
India is flooded with political leaders who are ready to tear the country apart to retain their relevance. To remain in the news, they revel in resorting to grossly anti-national acts. Siddaramaiah adopts a separate flag for Karnataka and tries to drive a wedge between the North and the South by claiming that the South subsidizes the North. He creates a rift in the Hindu religion by ruling Lingayats to be a separate religious entity. Working President of DMK promises his support if the southern states demand the formation of a separate country ‘Dravida Nadu’ and said that he would welcome any situation in which the southern states demand to break away from India.
The Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) led by Simranjit Singh Mann, has been demanding the creation of a state of 'Khalistan' to act as a buffer state between India, China and Pakistan. It has passed a resolution seeking a separate state of ‘Jat-land’ by increasing the size of Punjab. Farooq Abdullah declares nonchalantly that PoK belongs to Pakistan. Non-Maharashtrians are not welcome in Maharashtra. Chandrababu Naidu talks only of Telugu pride. Where does India as a nation figure in their scheme of things?
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One does not have to be a visionary to predict the danger of abetting illegal migration from Bangladesh for garnering votes. If political leaders can imperil national security for the sake of power, they can go to any extent. Some of our leaders of suspect loyalties have been demanding that Jammu and Kashmir be allowed to separate from India if it wishes to do so. Seditious acts and utterances by marginalized and ousted leaders are a common occurrence. They feel that narrow and parochial grand-standing is the easiest way to re-acquire political relevance. In the process, they do immense damage to India as a nation.
Politicians are the fountainhead of all fissiparous tendencies. For them, vote bank politics take precedence over everything else. One hangs one’s head in shame when political leaders extend their support to a delinquent student leader who seeks destruction of India. Comparing him with martyr Bhagat Singh was by far the most perfidious act.
Perhaps, India is the only country that has an ignominious track record of producing Home Ministers who revelled in shaming the country. One concocted theories of saffron terrorism to please his party bosses. In so doing, he presented a convenient propaganda tool to Pakistan. Another Home Minister did the unthinkable. He declared a terrorist to be innocent in an affidavit to the court. The aim was to ensnare the opposition leaders in a false case.
Some time ago, a renowned advocate and a former law minister told a TV channel that shouting slogans for the destruction of the country is not debarred in the constitution. According to him, freedom of expression was of paramount importance. Even demand for secession (azadi) was justified. As the interview progressed, one was not only amazed by his perverted reasoning but also shocked to see the brazenness with which he was arguing. Survival of India appeared to be of no concern to him. One wondered if one was watching an Indian or a Pakistani channel. Just to score a brownie point against the government, he presented a convenient propaganda handle to the hostile forces. How low can a leader stoop!
The Conniving Media
The less said the better. From their conduct, it appears that many media personnel are foreign plants and India means little to them. When a leading media house invited a vicious and remorseless enemy like General Pervez Musharraf and grovelled before him, it marked the lowest depths of shamelessness to which journalism could sink. Instead of castigating him for the Kargil war, he was treated as a peace loving guest.
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Both the electronic and the print media never report ‘positives’ about the country. Ugly India sells (a la ‘Slumdog Millionaire’); and not progressive India. Remember how a TV reporter failed to digest the popularity of Modi in the US and tried to incite the crowd with provocative remarks. But then they get paid to demean India, and not to extol it. Every news item is deliberately reported with a religious, caste or creed slant. Recently, in a case of cattle stealing, a leading newspaper could not resist the temptation to add that ‘one of the five thieves is learnt to have had connections with a cow protection group in the past’. How cunningly, a simple case of robbery was given a communal taint.
‘Two dalits beaten to death’ read the highly disturbing headline of a news item in a major newspaper on 30 June 17. As usual, one blamed the curse of the caste divide afflicting the nation. However, on reading the full news it emerged that two persons who tried to break into a house had been caught and thrashed. They succumbed to the injuries sustained. Howsoever condemnable the above incident may be; it was certainly not a caste related incident. The intruders were thrashed as they were suspected of being robbers and not because they were dalits. Just because they happened to be dalits, the said newspaper made it appear like a caste lynching. How irresponsible can media get!
Petty vandals are given the coverage befitting a mass leader. It was obnoxious to see two TV channels airing their interviews with a student leader charged with sedition. The worst was the indulgent demeanour of the TV anchors; as if a national hero was being eulogised. The interviews were repeatedly telecast at prime time. Did these channels think of interviewing war heroes or martyrs’ families? Forget it; that would have been a pro-India act; and that is an act of sacrilege for them. Indian media thrives on negativity.
Wily Secular Intelligentsia
A news item on an iniquitous TV channel on 30 Jul 17 boldly flashed the news item “Can No Longer Look Away: 114 Armed Forces Veterans Write To PM Modi”. Although all the names were not mentioned, it is not difficult to guess their identity as they belong to the now infamous ‘intolerance brigade’. They excel in biased narration of every negative incident and blowing it out of all proportions to serve their agenda of shaming the country.
In the above mentioned letter, stabbing of Junaid in a train at Ballabhgarh was deviously linked to beef vigilante. As the subsequent enquiries revealed, it was a case of an argument between two groups over the seats. Some daily commuters objected to Junaid’s group occupying their regular seats. The argument turned violent and an inebriated hoodlum is alleged to have attacked the opposing group with a knife.
Yes, it was a ghastly incident but was in no way linked to beef. A prominent newspaper, known for its biased reporting, deliberately gave the whole incident a communal taint. True to its wont, the ‘intolerance brigade’ seized the sad incident to join the 'Not in My Name' campaign to protest against the so-called ‘the current climate of fear, intimidation, hate and suspicion’. How else can anti-nationalism be defined? As expected, having dented India’s reputation, sold-out media chose to ignore the true facts as they emerged.
These secularists have done maximum damage to India’s prestige and standing. Some of them appear to be fifth columnists masquerading as progressive intellectuals. In which country of the world would the intelligentsia write to the US government not to receive their Prime Minister? Honestly, it is simply loathsome: duly elected representative of 1.25 billion Indians being subjected to indignities by a shameless bunch of foreign-educated and foreign-paid anti-national elements. Unfortunately, their protests get huge publicity abroad, thereby undermining all efforts to raise India’s standing in the world forum.
Hundreds of Christians, led by the church leaders, marched in protest on the roads of Delhi against the alleged vandalism of churches and a theft in a Christian school. Routine cases of petty crimes were cited to suggest an anti-minority conspiracy. They ensured extensive coverage of their protests by the foreign and Indian media, thereby damaging India’s secular image. Foreign channels are only too eager to shame India. Unwisely, even Obama got carried away with his uncalled for advice, losing considerable goodwill in India. Reportedly, he said so on the prodding of an Indian leader.
We are our Biggest Enemy
The above examples are purely indicative in nature. The list is endless. Our leaders are doing their best to ensure that we remain embroiled in petty bickering and internal dissentions. They have a knack and penchant for generating innovative issues to divide the countrymen. Fading political leaders resort to perfidious acts for selfish gains. By constantly reminding their followers of their region, religion, caste and sub-caste, the wicked leaders make them behave parochially; they start flaunting their narrow identity and give it precedence over the country.
It is wrong to accuse the foreign rulers of following ‘divide and rule’ policy to gain control over India. They did not need to do so. We have always been and continue to be a divided lot. Our approach, attitude and practices have always been directed towards remaining disunited. Unfortunately, we have learnt nothing from history. We keep spawning throngs of leaders who can stoop down to despicable levels to fragment the society for their petty interests.
At times, one wonders if God is anti-India. Why does India get cursed with such loathsome leadership? Don’t we deserve better? Indian political narrative stinks of treachery and disloyalty, born out of selfishness and vendetta. That is India’s misfortune. Cry, my countrymen.
Will the current political leadership introspect as to how the integrity of the country is getting endangered due to their selfish machinations? Or, does it want history to reiterate the fact that India can remain united only when subjugated by a foreign power; and an independent India is doomed to be a divided India.
History is replete with examples of Indian kings seeking help from foreign invaders to settle petty scores with their neighboring kingdoms. In due course, having secured a foothold, the foreigners vanquished all local sovereigns to establish their own rule and enslaved the whole country. That, undoubtedly, is the darkest aspect of Indian history. Even now we have leaders who believe in such despicable scheming. Mani Shankar Aiyer told a Pak TV, “Bring us (the Congress) back to power and remove them (Modi)”. Here was a leader of a national party seeking Pak help to dethrone Modi, the duly elected leader of the country. How low can one stoop and yet have the temerity to claim to be an Indian!
It can be said with certainty that the well-orchestrated ‘intolerance’ and 'Not in My Name' campaigns were malicious in intent. The sole objective was to tarnish the image of the government and thereby earn kudos from the hostile foreign elements. Worse, the self-proclaimed champions of tolerance remain busy dissuading foreign investors through treacherously detrimental utterances. Whatever be the rationale, no loyal citizen ever maligns his own country to play politics and garner publicity. It is rightly said that loyalty is a trait of character – either a person has it in him or does not have it.
These are the people who never see anything positive happening in the country. They seek out every negative news, howsoever innocuous it may be, give it a caste or communal taint and spread despair in the environment. As is well known, a nation infested with the virus of treachery, deceitfulness and perfidy has always been an easy prey for foreign subjugation. No one knows this bitter truth better than India. Yet, our leaders, media and intelligentsia keep discrediting and harming the country through their seditious utterances and activities. Under the garb of freedom of speech, they support those felonious speakers who vow not to rest till India is destroyed.
When Paris was hit by the terrorist attacks, the whole country gave a unified response. Compare it with our Batla House encounter against Indian Mujahdeen where two terrorists were killed and two arrested. A brave police officer lost his life. Yet, many seditious elements had the impudence to term the encounter to be ‘fake’. Therefore, the mystery remains unsolved. Why does India continue to produce so many Jaichand and Mir Jafars? Is India a cursed nation or is treachery a part of our DNA? One wonders.