Sangh- In and Out : For the sake of Kashmir!

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The scene in Kashmir on its mountains as tall as 14,000 feet was one to be proud of! The Bharatiya tanks ran up the lofty mountains.. Never until then had anybody accomplished a task so courageous! This was the golden chance to acquire the land that the country had to let go off owing to the partition! That the very first Home Minister of the country, should laud as exemplary, the efforts made by the Sangh towards resolution of the Kashmir issue, might baffle the present day generation. But then there are many who are totally ignorant of this segment of the history. The Kashmir issue remains unresolved even today and the world fears India and Pakistan would draw a war over it! And is the reason I see to present this segment of history for you-
It was in the third week of October, 1947 the Pakistani Army barged into Kashmir. Bera in mind that it was not even 10 weeks that they were independent and Pakistan was already revealing its true colours. Several large and small princely states had merged into India but Raja Harisingh, the king of Kashmir was still reluctant to follow the suit. His point was, "Though a part of Europe, if Switzerland could retain its seperate identity and exist as a separare entity, what was wrong if Kashmir in between Bharat and Pakistan did the same?" He was merely being naive.

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The Pakistani soldiers who had entered Kashmir disguised as gangsters, had created a havoc all over. All they aimed at was to take over Kashmir, by hook or by crook! The Kashmir Army was no way in position to counter the Pakistan Amry. Rajaji was even then adamant about not merging Kashmir into Bharat and so India had no chance but to watch Kashmir slowly slip into Pak hands.
Sardar Patel was not one to sit back and watch happen what was happening. He exhibited intelligent diplomacy at this crucial hour, as he had forseen this danger much beforehand. But he was just not making any headway with Rajaji, who had adopted a stubborn stance. So, Patel turned to Shri Golwalkar Guruji for help. After all, he knew who alone was capable of convincing Raja Harisingh!
Guruji then on October 18, 1947, travelled to Kashmir, met Rajaji and Queen Taradevi and accepted the warm welcome. He heard to what Harisingh had to say and then went on to warn him about the impending danger. "Switzerland could remain an independent entity because it did not have a country like Pakistan as its neighbour or even in the vicinity for that matter. Kasmir has no threat from India. But can you say same about Pakistan? Can you be sure of that country? Besides Kashmir Army that counters Pakistan has several personnel who favour Pakistan and are loyal to it. What about them?"

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The answer to all these questions made Rajaji think and think. Even after merger with India, Kashmir would recieve its due respect and honor, assured Guruji and things started falling in place. The mission successfully executed. Guruji returned to Delhi where a huge crowd had assembled to welcome him. Sardar Patel's trust in Guruji was well grounded and the events that unfolded only validated it.
Shri Guruji, the Sarsanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh had accomplished what the then government of India could not. Guruji was the luminous star rising on the horizon of India..
To whom this part of story are in our possession today and who sacrificed their lives for this purpose, is indeed a vital part of history that is never revealed to the people of this country. It also goes a long way in giving people a fair idea of the committment and the staunch loyalty that the Sangh feels for the nation apart from the organisation and the trust reposed in it!
..To be continued..  
(Bringing to you the fourth part of the article series (Sangha- In and Out) that is put down to make people aware of a peerless organisation in the world.. the RSS. Please go through the first four parts if you haven't, links attached below. The next part of the series would consists of write up featuring 'Rashtra Sevika Samiti'- will be published on September 28)

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