Why one must watch JL 50 outside the purview of Bollywood!

NewsBharati    22-Sep-2020 10:19:47 AM
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Boycott Bollywood
The present crises in Bollywood reminds me the lines of a famous song of our late mega star Shri Rajesh Khanna “SAVAN JO AAG LAGAYE USSE KAUN BHUJAYE”. Exactly, the stress busters are themselves in stress. The people who have been entertaining us for decades are now causing the stress. But the reality is far bigger and persuasive than the said song!
The Hindi film industry aka Bollywood is surely going through a turmoil.. Or one can hopefully say, as it looks like a cleansing process ever since the CBI and the NCB has taken the command in mysterious death case of Sushant Singh Rajput. The people's outburst is what that has kept this case alive and still soaring high. As a result, the investigation has been going stridently from unveiling nepotism to drug racket.
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Since then, what all has come up in Bollywood has been rejected by people unequivocally whether it’s the trailer of Sadak 2 which received the highest backlashes in the form of dislikes and becomes the most rejected video on YouTube or it’s the boycott hashtag trending for Big Boss's new season. Starkly people are in no mood to tolerate the sheer humbug of Bollywood and probably aspersion will continue till the case reaches its closure. The only thing which can break the stalemate is if the so-called big guns of Bollywood come forward and confess the reality without shilly-shallying it further.
Why JL 50?
But in between the dark and dented phase, in between the loud noises of insider vs outsider debate Bollywood has struck a right chord “JL 50”. It's evident that the movie has been released in to five episodes as per the ongoing trend on OTT platforms.
This is no review but an insight to promote such a great cinema which otherwise could bear the brunt of ongoing “Boycott” trend due to nepotism. The series has the meat to pacify the rumbling of people for good content. It would be unfair to call it a Christopher Nolan or Scorsese moment of Indian cinema but unfortunately there not have been many such moments recorded in Hindi movies which shows a director's uniqueness and avant-garde. But at the same time the desired shift in the Indian film industry is visible from last few years.
The highlight of the movie is “Time Travel” which indeed, is not new in movies. But what develops your interest this time is showcasing this concept as the part of Indians ancient knowledge system. On one side the writers have not only broken the monopoly of imperialistic and colonial mindsets of Bollywood to showcase west as superior and glorify Mughal’s history but also advocate the arguments in the all-time discourse of how rich our ancient education system was.
There are people in the country, the so-called historians, educationists who have always discouraged the Indian ancient education system and if ever someone has quoted from Ramayana about the existence of ‘vimana’, from the Mahabharat about the use of nuclear weapons, from Vedas the possibilities of astronomical researches which were way ahead of our present time have been ridiculed left-right-center. For such people Pankaj Kapoor in one of the scenes has said “You see, America main ho to phenomena, possibilities par research aur hamare Hindustan main ho toh only one story,” which is quite a period.

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The movie clearly talks about the great Hindu king Ashoka and his nine-unknown erudite. In the above-mentioned scene of the movie actor Pankaj Kapoor (who is playing the character of Scientist) also narrates to Abhey Deol (who is playing the character of a CBI officer) about King Ashoka's’ rich legacy. How the king formed a secret group of nine men who were masters in their fields and eventually how they came up with nine books. These nine books were actually a highly classified database talking about ‘philosophy of Warfare’ ‘communication with extraterrestrial species’, '’origin of Martial Arts’, and ‘Time Travel’. In one of the books the concept of ‘Time Travel’ was well defined and even mentioned the formula to calculate the coordinates of wormholes in Time space.
The movie somehow amplifies the voices of the ardent believers of ancient Indian civilization, to promote the study of Indians rich history instead of glorifying the Mughals. But to those who never believed the richness and superiority of Indian ancient knowledge base, this would just be an exaggeration and would still call it vague and minuscule.
Although, movies which promote “Indianness” are always sidelined by the mafias of Bollywood and hence don’t get due recognition. Also, during present crisis where the animosity for Bollywood is roaring high, such movies can easily go unnoticed. But there is no iota of nepotism in the movie and all the actors of the movie have performed at best. Beside the rich content glorifying the Indian ancient history, the movie also behaves unlike Bollywood as it has no song and love concept which doesn’t allow the viewer to lose focus. Hence one should watch it outside the purview of Bollywood.