Hindu Hate and propaganda to derogate Hinduism through films and web series

A group of left-leaning artisans has been selected who, through their films, serials, advertisements, etc., will go against Hinduism so that the Hindu masses, especially the Hindu youth, will turn away from Hinduism.

NewsBharati    01-Dec-2021
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Has anyone ever wondered what could be the most peaceful way to destroy the world’s oldest civilization? A civilization that has been hit by foreign invaders for centuries – be it Islamic invaders from East Asia and the Middle East or European colonists! Each of them has tried to impose their own culture on the people of India by attacking the ancient traditions and culture of India. But they have repeatedly had to concede defeat to the strong fears and sweetness of India’s traditional culture After all, of all the ancient civilizations, India is the only one that still exists today in its original and unadulterated form.
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The key to India’s prosperity and progress lies in its ancient heritage In our Vedas, Puranas and our epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata we see an unprecedented collection of crafts, architecture and weapons and defense equipment. This proves how advanced the Indian civilization was The excellence of science and technology, medicine, architecture, art is reflected in every work done in the past of India. The discoverer of zero, Aryabhata, the great mathematician Brahmihir, the father of surgery Sushruta, the father of Ayurveda Charak, the author of economics Chanakya was born in this country. Universities like Nalanda and Takshyashila are created in this country, the value of which is not higher than any other eminent university of today but it is equivalent. So India does not need to look to any foreign country or learn from it to get the highest number of seats in the World Assembly. Hidden in every page of India’s ancient history is the key to India’s progress, which enables India to reach the pinnacle of development without relying on any Western country.
India is a Golden Swan to the West | This country of 130 crores is nothing but a huge market book of all the products made in their country The country did not deviate from its roots when India became independent after 200 years of British rule, apart from the invasion of the French and Olondaz. So, before leaving the country, the British ruling class tactfully handed over the governance of the country to a group of people who, despite being independent in name, tried their best to make India self-reliant instead of leading it towards self-reliance. At the same time, a group formed within India who, under the guise of higher education and progressivism, will do their best to distract Indians from their roots, will create disgust towards traditional culture and Hinduism in their minds. What better way to eradicate Hinduism without bloodshed!
The most effective way to influence a person’s mind is through entertainment – movies, plays, dances, songs, etc. People enjoy these fluently and happily, so the message that is conveyed through them affects people a lot. For this reason, a group of left-leaning artisans has been selected who, through their films, serials, advertisements, etc., will go against Hinduism so that the Hindu masses, especially the Hindu youth, will turn away from Hinduism.
Today, for several years now, shadow films, serials and advertisements have been used to portray Hindus, especially the Hindu sadhu or priest community, as pranks. Some of the films that stand out in this context are:
Gupi Bagha Returns – Directed by Sandeep Roy, released in 1992, this is the third edition of Gupi Bagha’s story collection, written by Satyajit Ray. In this picture we see a false royal priest named Brahmananda Acharya who in order to get immortality and become very rich ordered Gupi and Bagha to steal two precious gems. Since the prophecy was that a 12-year-old boy named Vikram would be the cause of his death, he kidnapped all the 12-year-old boys in his kingdom and kept them as his servants. Veteran actor Ajit Bandopadhyay’s fluent acting made the character come alive, which is why it is natural to feel fear and hatred towards the Hindu monks and priest community.
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Gotra – Currently the most successful director of Bengali films, directed by Nandita Roy and Shivprasad Mukherjee. As shown Preparing priests as comedians is a very common thing in Indian cinema and this has created a deceptive and humorous image in the minds of the masses about the priesthood community, which is causing the youth to turn away from worshiping Hindu rituals. In this film, on the other hand, a young man from a Muslim community is portrayed as a kind, good man and with him, love jihad is promoted.
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PK – Released in 2014, Hindi film PK, directed by Rajkumar Hirani and starring Aamir Khan, is the most critically acclaimed film. The reason is that the film exaggerated the contempt of Hindu monks, Hindu people and Hindu goddesses, prompting a campaign to boycott the film on social media. The film also features a fake Hindu saint, a character called Tapasvi Maharaj (Sourav Shukla) who engages in the business of deceiving people by promising to alleviate human misery by communicating with God through remote control. The film also stars a Pakistani character named Sarfaraz as the main character who is an honest and devoted and loyal lover – played by the late Sushant Singh Rajput.

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Chappak – Released in January 2020, directed by Meghna Gulzar and starring Deepika Padukone, the film is based on the life and struggle of Lakshmi Agarwal, the victim of acid attack. 15-year-old Lakshmi is attacked with acid by her neighbor Naeem Khan’s brother Kamran because Lakshmi rejects Naeem. But the name of the acid attacker in the film became Babu due to a strange magic The nationalists started protesting against this on social media, as a result of which the name of Babu was changed to Basir. The film, however, was not a commercial success
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Sherni – Released on Amazon Prime in June this year, Vidya Balan starrer is based on the 2016 murder of a tiger named Anvi. Anvir’s assassins were Nawab Safat Ali Khan and his son, Asghar Ali Khan But in the movies, the killers of that tiger became the Hindu character of some crew It is better to change the name of the character in a film based on true events, but it is natural to think that there is a nefarious motive behind his change of religion.
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SADAK 2 – Directed by Mahesh Bhatt and released on Disney Hotstar in 2020, the film sets a unique precedent as the most disliked image on YouTube. Although the main reason for this was the release of news about the role of the Bhatt family in the film about the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, there was another reason behind this.
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GHARE BAIRE AAJ – Directed by Aparna Sen, released in 2019, the film depicts Hindutva leaders and celebrities as crew, hypocrites and assassins. Everyone is aware of Aparna Sen’s extreme leftist thinking The film is based on Gurudev Rabindranath’s story “Outside the House” and is dedicated to Gauri Lankesh, who was shot dead in 2016. Although it was revealed that Gauri Lankesh’s killer had nothing to do with any Hindu organization, Aparna Sen tried to subtly blame the Hindu organization for Gauri Lankesh’s murder through this film.
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Arundhati – Based on the 2009 Telugu film of the same name, starring Koel Mallick, the 2014 film shows a Hindu villain (Indranil Sengupta) who kills people with the help of Tantra and black magic and can overcome his evil. The only Muslim Pir (prominent playwright, Dev Shankar Haldar) This is a strange attempt to portray Hinduism as poisonous and other religions as symbols of good energy.
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Many more such films, including OMG, released in 2012, and Sangharsh, released in 1998, have been made in different languages ​​over the last 5-6 decades, with the main aim of creating a hostile attitude towards Hinduism. But without prolonging this writing, I have prepared the names and subject matter of these pictures as examples A Twitter handle called “Gems of Bollywood” has been leaking screens of such anti-Hindu films for several months.
Apart from this Sangharsh & Leila are the important anti Hindu movies. Serials have a special role to play in creating animosity towards Hindus and Hindu saints.
Ashram – Released in 2020, the series is directed by Prakash Jha and airs on MX Player. The theme of this series is to expose the hypocrisy of a Hindu saint and his female addiction Bobby Deol is playing the role of a saint in this series The public outrage over the series is so great that when the producers, actors and artisans arrived in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, recently to shoot the series, they had to face a mass whitewash. Somehow, with the help of the police, they escaped.
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Sacred Games – Based on Vikram Chandra’s novel first released in 2016, the series, directed by far-left directors, Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, is India’s first series to air on Netflix. The series, written by a hateful anti-Hindu writer and director from the beginning to the end, has been prepared as a very perverted and bisexual Hindu saint. In addition, an ashram has been shown to be the center of anti-India activities.
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Godman – The Tamil series was scheduled to air on zee 5 in June 2020 But due to public outrage, Zee 5 stopped airing the series The cause of public outrage is the subject matter of this series where a lustful accused is seen as a Hindu saint. The dialogue can be heard in one of the promotional videos of the series – “Where is it written that only Brahmins will read the Vedas?” As a result, fans of the series and movies expressed their displeasure on social media, a lawsuit was filed in the police station in the name of the producers of the series, and at the end of the series, they were forced to stop broadcasting the series.
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Paatallok – Produced by actress Anushka Sharma and aired on Amazon Prime in 2020, the series tops the list of anti-Hindu films or serials today. There was a terrible conspiracy to impose the blame of that terrorism on the Hindus, in the form of which it was seen that the killers of the country’s journalists and prominent people were the country’s main investigative agency CBI and the current nationalist government in power. But they both blamed the killings on neighboring Pakistan and their intelligence agency, the ISI, when they were “extremely innocent” and did not interfere in the country’s internal affairs. In this way, the series has wiped out all the crimes of Pakistan, the main enemy of our country, Pakistan, the brutal assassins of our army, Pakistan, a supporter of separatist forces in our country, Pakistan, a terrorist in our country. As a result, if any untoward incident takes place in the country in the future, it may arouse suspicion in the minds of innocent people that Pakistan is really responsible for this ? And Pakistan will remain in the minds of the people of this country with an innocent image even after committing extreme crimes – is that the purpose of these serial creators?

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The story of the two Netflix series ‘Ghoul’ and ‘Leela’ aired in 2016 and 2019 is almost the same. Famous people, all of them were arrested The background of these two series was formed a few years before their release when some artists and intellectuals returned the prizes they got by blaming the government of our country for intolerance.
The story of the two Netflix series ‘Ghoul’ and ‘Leela’ aired in 2016 and 2019 is almost the same. Famous people, all of them were arrested The background of these two series was formed a few years before their release when some artists and intellectuals returned the prizes they got by blaming the government of our country for intolerance.

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In the South, a number of communist propaganda movies are being made, depending on the caste system. Such as – Joy Bhim, Asura etc. In these movies, the communists are giving their message by making the upper caste a villain. Naxalism is subtly raising its head in those strange propaganda. With this, of course, there is huge missionary funding. Those who are gradually working as assassins to tear Hindu society to pieces. As the films are being released on various apps, these evil thoughts are being able to penetrate more and more people’s minds. Where is the effort of our rightists? There are many problems in running a state, but by capitalizing on those who want to bridge the gap between the country and the society to fulfill their own interests, what exactly should be done? Marathi movies carry almost the same message as Tumbad.
The world of advertising is not far behind in spreading Hindu hatred.
In 2020, Tanishq, a renowned jewelery maker from TATA, faced the wrath of the Hindu community for advertising their Ekatvam brand before Durga Pujo. At a time when several Hindu girls in the country have been brutally killed by love jihad – someone’s body was found in a suitcase lying on the side of the road, while someone’s burnt body was discovered several days after his death. At the same time, Tanishq’s advertisement shows a Hindu woman living happily in the house of her Muslim father-in-law, and despite their lack of religious observance, the Hindu woman was made to eat Baby shower food by her Muslim mother-in-law. Tanishq is indulging in love jihad by showing a picture that is completely opposite to reality, this is what most people think. Eventually, Tanishq was forced to withdraw the advertisement due to public outrage.
In the same way, this year and just before Durga Pujo, a well-known local apparel seller, Manyabar, in an advertisement of their ‘Mohe’ brand, questioned against giving a bride in a Hindu wedding. They have to face criticism for this advertisement – when Kanyadan is a part of marriage of all religions then why question only Hinduism? What could be the reason for insulting the nation which got money and fame by selling honorable clothes in its name? Although the reason is not unknown to anyone – intentionally attacking Hinduism
Another renowned garment maker, Fab India this year named their Diwali special clothing collection Yashan-e-Rewaz which means victory song of another religion. Naturally, the question arose as to why the main festival of Hinduism, Diwali, should be a victory song of another religion, or why the naming of the garments of Diwali should be in a language that is used by people of a particular community. There is no problem if the followers of other religions are interested in celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali but why should they change the rituals of this festival overnight and establish unity with the rituals of other religions. Religious festivals of any community can never be called secular So is the same conspiracy at work behind it – destroying the glory of the Hindu festival and destroying it? Many, including MP Tejaswi Surya, protested against the ad Once again, in the face of public outrage, Fab India changed the name of their clothing store to Jhilmil Si Diwali.
Another notable feature in this year’s Diwali advertisements of several other companies including Fab India, such as PNG jewelers, PC Chandra, etc. Our Bengalis must remember that several years ago, the advertisement of Jamini Saree – ‘Small Bindi ,Light Lipstick and Jamini Saree. But in today’s advertisement, women’s face is pale, why bindiless form? There is no mention of mourning in Hinduism? So is this the same conspiracy behind it – to change the form of Hindu festival, to change the form of policy and prepare him as Ahindu or secular in no time? Against this, the #NoBindiNoBusiness campaign was launched on social media – calling for the boycott of the products of the organization if there is no sign of Hinduism in the Hindu festival. As a result, it has been seen that some models, including Tanishq, have come back with happy, smiling female models wearing tips.
In 2019, an advertisement for Hindustan Unilever’s Brooke Bond tea showed a boy leaving his elderly father at the Kumbh Mela and fleeing. Hindustan Unilever mentions in their tweet that according to them, a lot of old people at the Kumbh Mela, abandoning old women and their family members fled. As a result, the organization has to face protests on social media Many prominent people including Baba Ramdev protested against this According to them, abandoning the elders of the family is anti-Hindu, not just at the Kumbh Mela, so through this advertisement, the multinational organization, Hindustan Unilever, wants to prepare the Hindus and the Indians as economically and ideologically poor. Hindustan Unilever was forced to withdraw the advertisement in the face of protests
In 2019, an advertisement for a swing festival at Surf Excel, a powder soap maker for Hindustan Unilever, showed a baby girl carrying a Muslim baby boy on her bicycle to pray and protecting him when others in the neighborhood tried to force him to paint. In this ad, coloring while swinging has been prepared as a disgusting behavior Naturally, this ad also has to face controversy
Ceat Tyre – This year Ceat’s Diwali ad sends a message that the road should be used for vehicular traffic, not for gambling. Many, including MP Ananta Kumar Hegde, expressed outrage over the advertisement starring Aamir Khan One of their statements – when the streets of the city are closed to celebrate festivals of other religions or to hold religious gatherings, the Ceat or anyone else is not seen to respond, then why are they interested in giving social messages only in the case of Hindu festivals.
Before Durga Pujo in 2019, the Anandabazar group’s English daily, The Telegraph, launched a surprise campaign to change the word ‘Putrang Dehi’ in Durga Mantra to ‘Santang Dehi’, as they believe that the short phrase ‘Putrang Dehi’ means son to mother. Praying for children When both the son and the daughter are desirable to the father and mother, then misogyny is being caught only by expressing interest in having a son. A number of actors and artists including Abir Chakraborty, Rituparna Sengupta, Swastika Mukherjee took part in the campaign. It is not a prayer for the gift of a son, but a prayer for the attainment of one who performs the last act of rescuing a person from hell after death – it can be both a son and a daughter. Whether the above organizations or individuals understand the meaning of ‘Putrang Dehi’ or not, they have no problem, their main objective was to prepare Hinduism as an anti-woman religion. However, the results were somewhat reversed for them as the campaign did not last long as it did not have much effect on the public mind. In addition, many people are becoming aware of the real meaning and significance of reading this topic.
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In August this year, an advertisement for the Niaz Hotel, a hotel in Belagabi, Karnataka, showed a Hindu monk eating biryani at the hotel, his mouth full of praise, and his mouth sounding “Ahom Brahmasmi"

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If Hindu hatred is a product, then its biggest spokesperson is some comedians in this country, for whom the only subject of humor is to ridicule Hinduism, Hindu gods and goddesses and Hindu customs. The most unfortunate thing about this is that there is no shortage of listeners for these anti-Hindu artists, who are embarrassed and angry when they mock Hinduism in front of them even though they are Hindus. Support yourself This kind of behavior is common among other religious communities and perhaps this is why all these so-called progressive anti-Hindu artists have so easily made Hinduism the subject of their own jokes.
The first person whose name comes to mind among these anti-Hindu comedians is Munnawar Farooqi. Hindu hatred is evident from every sentence he utters He was spreading Hindu hatred in his own way at a function in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on January 1 this year. After that, a young man named Eklabya ​​Rana, who was present among them, lodged a complaint in the police station in his name for hurting religious sentiments. Farooqi was arrested and remanded in custody for one month Recently, he has again expressed interest in performing in different cities, but no one is willing to watch his show
Another female artist’s name comes to mind – Surlin Kaur In 2019, he made an ugly remark about ISKCON in a television program As a result, he faced the wrath of the Hindu community and ISKCON sent him a legal notice His name was not heard after the incident
Not only comedians but also many politicians and Hindus have taken the opportunity of indifference towards Hinduism to pay homage to Hinduism and Hindu God & Godesses. A vivid example of this is the ruling party in West Bengal, Trinamool Congress MP Kalyan Bandopadhyay, who during his campaign in the last Assembly elections remarked that today’s Ram would have preferred to be with Sita Mata Ravana when he saw ‘fans’. Kunal Ghosh, a spokesman for the same party, made a scathing remark about Lord Rama at a meeting in Tripura a few days ago, blaming him for abandoning Sita Mata and calling Shri Ram and all his devotees misogynists. Needless to say, the purpose of both comments is to appease a particular community In a similar vein, our country’s former cabinet minister, Salman Khurshid, in his recently released book, ‘Sunrise over Ayodhya’, can be compared to Hindutva, the country’s most brutal, horrific terrorist organization, ISIS and Boko Haram. Reasons – One: Hindus are very tolerant and two: The rest of us in our democratic country take advantage of the thing called freedom. The anti-Hindu groups in this country.

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The media of our country is not far behind due to Hindu hatred So when Junaid or Akhlaq or Tabrez is killed, their names and the names of their killers are swollen and printed in big and bold letters to prepare the minority community as victims of torture at the hands of the majority and increase their newspaper sales. On the other hand, when a girl from a foreign religion brutally kills Sharma, who is pictured in the crime of love, the family members of that girl, then the names of both the murderer and the murderer remain implicit on the pages of the newspaper because not revealing their names will increase newspaper sales or their foreigners. Helpers will be happy For the same reason, the headline of the Veda Pathshala is associated with the madrasa associated with child trafficking, but the name of the Veda Pathshala is not mentioned in the original news because there is no evidence that the Pathshala is involved in this work. Another example of the duplicity of the media: a fake saint named Ashraf Ali was arrested by the police for sexually abusing a number of youths – then his name was implied and he was only identified as a saint because the word ‘saint’ first reminds him of Hindu saints.

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Last May, Una Academy, an online training center for competitive exams, sparked controversy by asking a hateful question on an exam question paper from their organization. Their question was, “If the Muslim community takes their religious procession through a Hindu neighborhood on the day of Eid and the Hindus throw stones at them, will it be okay?” This makes the Hindu community very angry – needless to say that Hindus are naturally tolerant, they never have a negative attitude towards other communities and do not attack anyone without persuasion.
From the various pujas of the Hindus to the ceremonies like marriage, feasting and entering the house and the shraddha peace is not accomplished without this Brahmin or priestly community. Therefore, if this Brahmin or priest succeeds in creating a negative attitude towards the community, then the Hindu society will be disgusted with all these Hindu customs, principles and practices, which will make it very easy to eradicate Hinduism from the minds of Hindus. It is for this purpose that the combined efforts of this Hindu saint or priest or anti-Brahmin in the medium of entertainment have been going on for the last few centuries. This is followed by the social media movement of progressive, feminists called ‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’. Some Hindu nationalists are of the opinion that the brutal massacre of Hindu saints in Palghar, Maharashtra last year, and the killing of Hindu saints and priests in several other parts of the country, though minor, may provoke a hostile attitude towards them through this entertainment. However, due to the recent rise of Hindu nationalist forces, their anti-Hindu campaign is being defeated in many cases.
On closer inspection, it is clear that the main culprits behind the spread of Hindu hatred are all tied to a thread controlled by some wealthy businessmen abroad, to whom India, a country of 130 crores, is a huge commodity market. If their glorious history can be erased from the minds of Indians, if they can be uprooted, it will no longer be possible for them to become self-reliant by drawing inspiration from their past and their traditional culture. So in order to maintain economic control over our country, these various organizations of our country have been using this ecosystem of foreign wealth tycoons since independence. The nationalist government that has ruled India for the past seven years and its commitment to self-reliance, along with the special efforts of the country’s nationalists, have been very successful in countering this ecosystem. There are two ways to overcome the ecosystem – one is to get rid of anti-Hindu films, serials, products, etc. – if they have difficulty in earning money, they will refrain from such activities. Two: Promoting all films, serials and arts that promote nationalist ideology and which are against the creation of anti-national, anti-Hindu art. The film, literature and art of any country create a positive image of that country and if that country is involved in any negative act then it is also justified by the film, literature and art of that country. But in our country, inspired by the leftist ideology and the influence of the above ecosystem, the exact opposite is seen. It is urgent for the nationalists to unite in order to stand up against this Only then will we be able to stop this kind of cultural genocide.
(The article was originally published by Baarta Today