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A recent archaeological study from the excavation site of Rakhigadhi in Haryana, concluded that the DNA of a women’s structure found, does not match that of central Asians or Europeans at the time. This demonstrates that AIT was a well-planned fake narrative designed to bring down India on a global scale and destroy Indian culture and faith.

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Many world scientists, archaeologists, geologists, and biologists have confirmed that India was great in all aspects, including culture, science and technology, management, economics, environmental protection, and education.
What compelled Mortimer Wheeler, Max Mueller, and Thomas Macaulay to write false narratives against this great nation, its ethos, and faith?
The goal of this completely fabricated narrative is to instill a positive image of Britishers in the minds of Indians. Whatever the British did to us in their 200 years rule was the same as what the Aryans did 4500 years ago.
The second reason was that the period's acceptability, vast knowledge, deeper scientific roots, and technological development created an inferiority complex among many foreigners. As a result, they wanted to instill in the minds of Indians the notion that we should be ashamed of our own culture and faith and develop a "slavery mentality."
Aryan Invasion Theory _1 
The so-called Indologists wrote that Aryans came from Central Asia, Europe, and a few other places, but no one could write the precise origin of Aryans. This theory was not supported by concrete evidence; it was merely a ruse designed to confuse Indians.
So, what is the truth?
Various research studies and the application of modern science and technology techniques have proven that Aryans originated on Indian soil and that there is no difference between Aryans and Dravidians (mostly residing in South India).
Let us begin with the facts:
The Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) has been proven false by evidence discovered through subsequent methods.
  • Gene Haplo group mapping

  • Satellite Imagery

  • Geological studies

  • Archeological evidences

  • Linguistic and scriptural evidences

  • Astronomical evidences
A DNA study with 13000 samples conducted at Tartu University in Finland, led by Prof Kivisild of Cambridge University, clearly substantiated that the ancestors of Aryans and Dravidians were the same, implying that the differentiation in AIT was a miscalculation intended to create a schism between Indian communities. The samples were collected from people of various castes and subcastes living in various parts of India. Furthermore, samples were collected from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. The DNA samples collected from castes in North India matched exactly with castes in South India.
Similar studies were conducted at Harvard University by Indian and American scientists, who discovered that Aryans and Dravidians share the same ancestors, and that the caste system is obsolete because everyone shares the same ancestors. As a result, caste discrimination was a game plan devised by invaders, particularly Mughals and Britishers. 
A recent study on the structure of a woman discovered in Rakhigadhi, Haryana, which is 4500 years old according to carbon dating, concluded that her DNA does not match that of central Asians or Europeans at the time. This demonstrates that AIT was a well-planned fake narrative designed to bring down India on a global scale and destroy Indian culture and faith, which is yet another strong evidence. To make it easier for conversion coteries to convert Hindus, divide Hindus by caste.
Saraswati and Sindhu Culture
US Landsat found first evidence of Saraswati River in 1970. Further studies by various geologist and archeologist with various artifacts, paleo channels, and traces of river, drilling operation and many more evidences proved that Saraswati River was prevailing along with Indus (Sindhu) river. Saraswati River was the largest and longest river at that time flowing from Himalaya to Arabian Sea, approximately 4600 Kms in length and 6 to 8 km wide. More than 60% Hindu civilization used to reside near Saraswati River and balance at the banks of Indus River. The town planning of various cities at the banks of river was of the highest standard and best in the world. Researchers found different types of equipment, material made up of Metal and its alloys. Therefore, there was no concept of Dravidians and Aryans, everyone used be in harmony with each other following Vedic principles and at the same time growing socially and economically maintaining balance in environment.
How did the Saraswati River vanish?
The Saraswati River vanished as a result of severe earthquakes that altered the course of rivers such as the Yamuna and Sutlej. This has resulted in less water in Saraswati; the main source of water in Saraswati was from these two rivers. Later, the river was dried out by the monotonous monsoon. People began to migrate to other areas in order to meet their daily needs and to re-establish their social and economic standing. Actually, Hindu civilization spread throughout India, as well as parts of Asia and Europe, rather than vice versa.
The Saraswati River is mentioned in the Rig Veda as well. The manner in which saints wrote epics such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana in depth during that time period. Why hasn't the Aryan invasion been mentioned in any book or scripture? The reason for this is that nothing of the sort occurred during that time period.
How has this AIT theory affected our great nation's socioeconomic state?
The false theory that caused the divide between the people of south India and the rest of India. Many Dravidians (particularly those in South India) have internalized this theory, resulting in a schism between sons of the soil.
Those intellectuals who believe in AIT should seriously consider and research the scientific aspects of it before spreading hatred among Indian communities.
We must cherish our great heritage and past, forgetting all the differences that were primarily created on the basis of caste, and unite to restore the glory and lead the world spiritually, socially, and economically in order to uplift every living being on this planet.