Promoting Anti-Hindu ideology, creating enmity; Can Hindus expect fair probe against PV Sunil Kumar, IPS' act of spreading venom?

NewsBharati    10-Jun-2021
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The Legal Rights Observatory on Wednesday lodged official compliant against PV Sunil Kumar, IPS, Andhra Pradesh for indulging in anti-Social activities by promoting anti Hindu ideology, creating enmity between different sections of the society and corrupting the minds of people of the Scheduled Caste Community with his speeches by forming a private organization named “Ambedkar’s India Mission”.
PV Sunil Kumar is an IPS officer belonging to the 1993 batch of Andhra Pradesh cadre now holding the office as Additional Director General of Police of the Andhra Pradesh State’s Crime Investigation Department. Even while in police service, he formed an organization named “Ambedkar’s India Mission” and conducting anti Hindu propaganda creating animosity between different sections of the Hindu society, especially the Scheduled Caste people of Andhra Pradesh.

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In the year 2018 he had organized a meeting in East Godavari District on the banner of “Ambedkar’s India Mission”. In the video of the meeting that was shared in Youtube (now unavailable), he was seen accusing Hindu religion of discriminating against Scheduled Castes, preventing SC from wearing footwear, wearing proper clothes and forcing them to have the name “Das” meaning slave of the other Hindu castes. "Hinduism treats human beings as of higher or lower dignity based on caste. These people are now ruling all over India. If we touch a cow, we will be killed", he said. In the same event, he also has criticized the ideology of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a highly reputed service organization of India.
Further, in an interview given to the Times of India, he had said he will represent only the SC Mala community and will oppose inclusion of any other caste in SC category list. He also demanded SC status for SCs who have converted to Christianity. This is shocking to say the least. "It is very clear that P V Sunil Kumar, as an all India Civil Service officer, instead of treating all sections of the society as equal, has made it very clear that he will be favouring only one section of the SC society- Mala. This is a serious violation of service conditions under which he is working", the LRO said.
"On the banner of “Ambedkar’s India Mission'' he is creating separatist ideology among the weaker sections of the people by demanding separate Gram Panchayats for Scheduled Caste people. Being a bureaucrat of prestigious All India Civil Services, he is openly spreading hatred against Hindu religion which is being followed by majority people of the Country thereby hurting the sentiments and trying to incite communal tensions between different religious groups in the state of Andhra Pradesh", he added.
PV Sunil Kumar has violated section 3 of The Police Forces (Restriction of Rights) Act, 1966 and Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964 by involving below activities:
1. Abusing Official Position for personal activities by running a Private Organization named ‘Ambedkar’s India Mission’ thereby promoting himself as celebrity by violating section 3 of The Police Forces (Restriction of Rights) Act, 1966.
2. Provoking people of Scheduled Castes and thereby expressing hatred towards Hindu religion, Hindu Gods and Sacred Hindu Scriptures on Social Media Platforms.
3. Criticizing Political ideologies openly and thereby creating political opinions among the people.
4. Misquoting Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's views on Hindu Religion and portraying him as anti-Hindu.
5. Promoting Separatist Ideology among the Scheduled Castes.
6. Creating Caste-based Divisions in Society.
7. Allegations against prominent Nationalist Organizations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and thereby creating negative impressions among particular groups about such organizations.
The dangerous nature of these activities has become even more frightening considering that PV Sunil Kumar is in a key position of a state-run institution. "For the vulnerable society and general public, it may seem that his actions are backed by the state but in lawful terms his venomous actions could be deemed as institutionalized subversion of little children to serve his personal mala fide intents", the LRO noted demanding detailed investigation into “Ambedkar’s India Mission” organisation and strict action against PV Sunil Kumar, IPS.