Federal Church of India raided in Kanyakumari; 7 people, including 4 women & Pastor Lal NS Shine Singh arrested for running sex racket

NewsBharati    15-Jul-2021
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The Tamil Nadu police have arrested seven people, including a pastor Lal NS Shine Singh and 4 women, for running a sex racket under cover of a church. The Federal Church of India, affiliated with the Diocese of Christ Anglican Church of India, located at Jyothi Nagar in ST Mangadu in Kanyakumari district, was raided by Tamil Nadu police on Wednesday.
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The police had received information that several men and women frequently visited the Church premises in luxury cars. Reportedly, the Federal Church of India is one of the largest Churches in the Kanyakumari area. Bishop Lal N S Shine Singh is the founder and president of this Church.
The initial investigation had revealed that the Church authorities had used the premises to run a brothel. Following the inputs, the police raided the church premises and caught several women and men red-handed. One of the arrested ladies was a 19-year-old girl who was forced into sex work by her own mother.
The police have arrested seven people, including four women, and pastor Lal N S Shine Singh has also been taken to custody. During the interrogation, Pastor Lal Shine Singh and another person named Shibin admitted that they were involved in running a sex racket. Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu police have registered a case against the pastor and six others with the Nithiravilai police.