Nurturing India's culture! Yogi govt to offer free Sanskrit training to citizens

NewsBharati    08-Jul-2021
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While the MVA govt in Maharashtra attempted to promote Urdu, the Uttar Pradesh government, in order to nurture India's culture has decided to provide Sanskrit speaking training to the people who want to speak, read and learn the language. The citizens, especially the students, will be able to take advantage of this facility by registering with a missed call alert, said the government spokesman.

UP government promotes Sa 
This training will be given through virtual classes of one hour each day, for 20 days, and will be completely free of cost. "The Uttar Pradesh government is constantly trying to inculcate love for Sanskrit, the 'language of God', and give opportunities to those who want to learn the 'divine language'," said the spokesperson. The Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthan is playing a big role in giving a meaningful shape to this endeavour of the government.
According to a government spokesperson, doctors, engineers, businessmen, students or any person can take free training to speak, read and learn Sanskrit. "For this you have to give a missed call at a designated mobile phone number (9522340003) which will be followed by filling up the form and completing required formalities. The scheme will start by the end of this month," the statement read.
The state government, which is engaged in making the youth of the state aware of the importance of Sanskrit, has taken many steps to promote the language. Along with Hindi and English, arrangements are now being made by the state government to give training to every child in the Sanskrit language. Dr Vachaspati Mishra, the President of UP Sanskrit Sansthan, said that the students who want to study Sanskrit will also be imparted information about the moral values along with the knowledge of Sanskrit.