Taliban to include suicide bombers in their army

Taliban has informed that it will include suicide bombers in their army to fight against ISIS-K

NewsBharati    07-Jan-2022 11:59:53 AM
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Kabul, Jan 07: After witnessing the horrific scenes at Kabul airport in August 2021, World is set to witness more bloodshed in Afghanistan. Fitting to its barbaric image, Taliban is set to recruit Suicide bombers in their armed forces.
Taliban Suicide Bombers
The Taliban will officially recruit suicide bombers to become part of the army as the militant group tries to contain its biggest security threat from rival Islamic State since forming government in Afghanistan four months ago.
Before sweeping into power last year, the Taliban used suicide bombers as a key weapon to attack and defeat US and Afghan troops in the 20-year long war.
Now the terror group wants to reform and organise the scattered squads of suicide bombers across the country to operate under a single unit and protect Afghanistan, said the Taliban’s deputy spokesman Bilal Karimi.
Their main target now would be the local offshoot of the Islamic State, which has carried out at least five major attacks as the Taliban looked to consolidate power after the United States withdrew from Afghanistan in August.
Several of those attacks were carried out by suicide bombers. “The special forces that include martyrdom seekers will be used for more sophisticated and special operations,” Karimi said.
After the fall of Kabul, Many soldiers from Afghan national forces joined ISIS-K in order to consolidate against their common enemy, Taliban.
Meanwhile, the Taliban regime has said that it will not allow fencing by Pakistan along the Durand Line, amid escalating tensions between the neighbouring countries on the contentious issue of border fencing, a media report said.
“We (Taliban) will not allow the fencing anytime, in any form. Whatever they (Pakistan) did before, they did, but we will not allow it anymore. There will be no fencing anymore,” Mawllawi Sanaullah Sangin, commander of the Taliban, told Afghanistan’s Tolo News on Wednesday.
Durand Line between Afghanistan and Pakistan is considered as the border between two countries. But Afghans have traditionally refused to accept it as such. Which is why even though Pakistan helped Taliban over the years to survive and come back to power it is opposing Pakistan on the issue of Durand line.