How to manage festive eating?

There are some simple things to take care of which will allow you to enjoy festive food without much damage to your health and weight.

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Festivals are an integral part of Indian culture. And the food is an integral part of every festival. Each festival is known by its special food. These festive foods mostly consist of sweets, fried food, and seasonal food. We all have fond memories of festive foods and we still look up to them. But now once these festivals are over we actually realize what this food has done to our weight and health.
How to manage festive eating? diwali 
So what should we do? Not eat festive food? Not an option or ignore its aftereffects? Also not an option. Then there are some simple things to take care of which will allow you to enjoy festive food without much damage to your health and weight.

1. Portion control: You might not be a follower of this in your routine. But when it comes to occasions, this formula works wonders. Have everything but in very controlled portions. Make sure you are taking out portions of food on a plate and not eating directly from dabbas or boxes. This way you will avoid overeating and will successfully stick to the wanted portion size.

2. Have savory foods: Now anyways no festive food is strictly diet friendly but at least you can try and minimize sweets intake which has a greater ill effect on your weight. So try and have more savoury festive delights.

3. Sweetener to the rescue: There are natural sweeteners available in the market which you can use in your sweet recipes. These will allow you to enjoy the sweets without compromising your weight and health. Even if you don't eat them routinely, having them during festivals is all right. The most trusted natural sweetener available right now is stevia.

4. Diet-friendly recipes: With the rising number of health-conscious people, are rising Diet friendly or healthy versions of age-old festive recipes. Though they might not taste exactly like traditional ones , you can definitely try them as a guilt-free indulgence. Many smart chefs have found healthy alternatives to traditional recipes which taste good. You can make them or these are also available ready.

5. Move it! Move it! : Last but surely not the least important is the workout. No matter what, do anything but move daily. If you don't want to end up unhealthy post festival then make sure to do your workout. Do a home workout, hit the gym, or do some cardio or whatever but MOVE.

Neha Kank

Neha Kank has a P.G. in Nutrition, Diploma in Sports Nutrition and Diploma in exercise science