Aftaab and Shraddha’s story is not the first one, and we must ensure this will be the last one…!

Horrible Isn"t it?

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National Capital is again under the severe shock of a brutal murder of a Hindu Girl named Sharadhha by her Muslim Live In partner Aftaab Ameen Poonawala. While Poonawala strangled her girlfriend, killed her, chopped her off in 35 pieces, preserved those pieces in a newly bought refrigerator, and used to dump them off every night one by one. This had been going on for the last 5 months and no one knew anything. The reason? Shradhha was asking him to get married. That’s it. Do you feel chills down your spine? Do you find it horrible? This is not a random murder. This is a cold-blooded murder thanks to #LoveJihad.


Have you seen any leftist, feminist journalist, or activist talking about it? If yes, are they mentioning the religion? NO..! This is not the first time that something like this has happened. The Guardian posted a story on 21st Jan 2022 under the title of “‘They cut him into pieces’: India’s ‘love jihad’ conspiracy theory turns lethal” In which they mentioned how “Hindu Extremists torture and kills Muslim boys for loving Hindu Girls, and how they haven’t done any crime”. Now the same “The Guardian” is keeping mum on this brutal murder by a Muslim man on his Hindu Live In Partner.

Shradhha and Aftaab met in Mumbai at a call center. “Fell in Love”. When Shradhha’s family did not approve of their relationship, they moved to Delhi and started living together. Going against our parents and marrying someone you love is not uncommon in our society, however, still, Hindu Girls have not learned anything from past Love Jihad cases. And she went all in. They have gone to Himachal for a trip, came back, and shifted to their new rented house, where within two days, after an argument Aftaab killed Shradhha and chopped her off brutally in 35 pieces. Horrific.

Many women lost their lives or freedom or identity or everything because of Love Jihad. Some women faced a horrible amount of torture. Irshad Ali a Muslim man used to stuff cow meat in his Hindu girlfriend’s mouth and forced her to convert to Islam. From here, to killing girlfriends and wives is very common for these boys. And they get paid heavily for this. We aren’t saying this. Look at what this Muslim Boy has to say.


Niharika Pole Sarwate

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