Being political Hindus in the West #2: Jewification of Hindus

The recent events in Leicester have shaken up the Hindus not just in the UK, not just in India but across the world. But this is not the first time that such an incident has taken place. There is a conscious effort in the West to demonize Hindus, which is why I call it the Jewification of Hindus.

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The Hindu community in the West is the richest and perhaps the least cohesive community. It is also almost exclusively an Urban community. This situation has its own advantages and disadvantages as well.

Jewification Article 
The recent events in Leicester have shaken up the Hindus not just in the UK, not just in India but across the world. But this is not the first time that such an incident has taken place. There is a conscious effort in the West to demonize Hindus, which is why I call it the Jewification of Hindus.
First, allow me to explain why I call it the Jewification and what I mean by it. In the late 1920s and 1930, (although some would claim it had been going got for centuries in Europe) in Europe and especially in Germany, Jews were targeted. Jews were targeted and attacked by the Nazis for allegedly controlling global banking and ruling over the ‘Aryan’ Germans. They were portrayed as the omnipotent force which controls everything. At the same time, they were attacked for being the ‘parasites’’ to the German nation and hence deserving to be slaughtered. So the Jews were at the top and at the bottom simultaneously at the same time. One should not be innocent enough either to believe that all of this was the creation of the Nazi ideology alone or that it ended with the denazification of Germany. This ideology of putting your enemy at the top and bottom at the same time goes back further and deeper. It allows you to call for your enemy’s head by calling them an oppressor and by calling them the parasite who deserves to die. The culmination of this was Holocaust in which more than 60 lakh Jews were murdered. That is the Jewification.
The Leicester events are not in solitude. There were numerous events before that of hate against the Hindu community and even after that there was an event, although not of the same scale or form, when the Indian women’s cricket team defeated the English, there were categorical insults against Indians thrown at by the British crowd in the stadium as well as on the social media. Before that, there were a couple of incidents in the USA against the Hindu community with the usual slurs using cow and other descriptive words. These incidents should not be taken lightly. The Indian community and to be specific, the Hindu community is one of the most prosperous communities in the West. The average education, income, and wealth of the Hindu community are higher than that of the white population of the West, specifically in the UK. The above link shows that the Hindu community is second only to the Jewish community in the UK when it comes to education, income, and wealth. At the same time, the Muslim community is at rock bottom consistently. This shows that the Hindus are successful. The success of one community can make others jealous, especially those who are unsuccessful. The way it happened with the Jewish community. The interview of Marxist journalist Amrit Wilson on the Wire, in which she alleged the RSS for the Leicester violence, shows the clear link between the Marxists and Islamists of the world to demonize the Hindus and the Jews, To equate the Hindutva and Zionism, Modi and Netanyahu. It is not a coincidence. The aim is to demonize Hindus to such an extent that they face the same fate as the Jews during the Holocaust. The Hindus are being targeted as being the ‘cheaters’ because they are successful. At the same time, they are facing religious slurs in other parts of the world because they are ‘filthy’ people. This shows that the Hindus are being portrayed as the ‘oppressors’ and the ‘parasites’ simultaneously.
This is not just an economic or cultural phenomenon, it is deeper than that. It goes deep toward the roots of Abrahamic religions. Even in Kashmir, the slogans used to be, “Aye Zalimon, Aye Kafiron, Kashmir hamara chhod do.” it should not be read as, ‘Aye Zalimon, Aye Kafiron’ it should be read as ‘Aye Zalimon/Aye Kafiron’ which shows that zalim (oppressor) is used as a synonym for Kafir. So a Kafir is inherently an oppressor. So today, largely uneducated and unemployed Muslim groups (like in Leicester) are attacking the Hindus because of their success and because they are oppressors/Kafirs. But the political scenario in the West is also changing. The ‘Liberal’ democracy in the West is not as strong as it once was. The rise of Marin Le Pen in France, AFD in Germany, Christian fundamentalists in Poland, Swedish democrats in Sweden, and recently, Georgia Meloni in Italy, are signs of Christian fundamentalists and fundamentalism rising in the West. Trump’s rise and popularity in the US also carry a strong stench of Christian fundamentalism and supremacy with his bible-thumping, evangelical support in the bible belt. . And the worst part is, that the opposition left-wing or left-leaning parties in each of these countries are also not supporting the Hindus as they rely on the Muslim votes. The anti-Hindu turn by the labor party under Corbyn in the UK and the five notorious democratic Congresswomen in the USA are quite well known to everyone. Who insult the Hindus and the Jews for the appeasement of their Muslim vote bank.
The situation for the Hindus in the west is dire and the Hindus cannot expect any help from the local political parties. The only way for the Hindus to face this onslaught is to show global Unity. The difference between the Jews of 1920-30 and the Hindus of today is that they did not have an Israel, but we have Bharat ie. India.
In this tumultuous era, for Hindus to navigate the political situation is going to be as difficult as the Samudramanthan itself.

Apoorva Sahasrabudhay

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