Your Karma Comes Back to You: Story of an Army Officer

Col Srivastava was staying in this colony only …and in his run up to life, he passed away at the age of 85, some post covid complications and age-related complications played the role. unfortunate but it happened.

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Everyone says so but how do you feel when it unfolds in front of your eyes. That is the story.
This is the Army Veterans colony in which most of the officers who have retired stay and lead a retired life. One generally gets close to others but in the run up to your life, only few are left with someone. This is how the life is all about.

Col Srivastava was staying in this colony only …and in his run up to life, he passed away at the age of 85, some post covid complications and age-related complications played the role. unfortunate but it happened.
During his sickness days and during last rites, Col Sanjiv Chaudhry who was staying in the same locality manged and helped in coordination, administrative part was done in perfect synchronisation.
We all appreciated his efforts.
“No Sir, I have not done any thing significant, it was destined that way only?”
“How come it is related to your destiny?”
“Sir, I was a short service officer and decided to appear for permanent commission exam after initial reluctance. My wife was very keen that I should continue in Army. It was my last and final chance. Reluctance to decide costed me time and last date of submission of application almost expired. Just two days were remaining. The only option was to carry the application form duly approved by various HQ’s physically to AHQ. It was herculean task since I was posted in valley …have to pass through Srinagar and Udhampur HQ’s. Train was late by ten hours and it was weekend when I landed up in Delhi, physically and mentally exhausted.
“I gave a call to Col Srivastava at his residence on Saturday morning. I explained my problem to him. He was wild at me initially but later on quite sympathetic when I explained the entire issue to him. I told him that train got late otherwise I would have been in AHQ by Friday afternoon only.
“So, the date expired ...”
“Yes. Col Srivastava told me to come to AHQ on Monday morning, I told him that I do not know anybody in Delhi nor I have a place to stay ...He arranged my stay in one of the unit messes”
“I went to AHQ on Monday morning and put up my application form to Col Srivastava. He called the concerned clerk. Clerk said that date has already expired. Col Srivastava told him to accept the application because I had genuine delay reason. He endorsed a note on the file also.”
“This is just acceptance of application, your selection for permanent commission will depend on your performance in the written examination and interview. Hope it is clear to you.”
“Yes Sir!” I saluted and came out of his office.
“Exam was scheduled after two months, I prepared, did well and qualified for the interview. I went for the interview and found out Col Srivastava sitting there as a member of the board. Every body asked technical questions and I replied to their satisfaction. I thought I will make it. But then unexpected happened and I got a googly from Col Srivastava.”
“What was that?”
“He asked me a very tricky question.”
“Assuming that you have done well in this exam but overall impression is that you are poor in administration because you submitted your application after the due date, do you think you are competent to be given a permanent commission.”
“No Sir, if I had valid reasons for delay in submission, duly authenticated by senior officer, I should be given permanent commission.”
Every board member gave a hearty laugh.
“Had he not accepted my application on that day, there was no question of being his neighbour in this society, so I was destined to look after him in his last days”
I agreed with Col Sanjiv Chaudhary, whatever positive one does to others, come back to one, in this life only.
So, Your Karma Makes Your Destiny. Both are interrelated.
Do you agree?
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