Recipe for Your Family Happiness and Back Pain

Please do not take me wrong, your family happiness and back pain are two different issues. Though these may interact with each other at some point of time.

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Please do not take me wrong, your family happiness and back pain are two different issues. Though these may interact with each other at some point of time.
These two interact in this story.
When you make an entry into any home, what is the first thing you notice when you settle down?
As you sit on sofa or chair, you start looking at room and if fan is dirty, it is going to be the first thing you are going to notice. By any chance if it is dirty, you are going to get a poor impression about the residents of the home. Ladies are the first one to notice and they are the first one to make the impression, about the lady of the house.
In your home, you are responsible but in other’s homes , lady is responsible . Generally , this is the case in all the homes.
It is the same story when some one comes to your house.
Lady of the house is always worried about cleanliness of fan lest she loses the brand value of being the best of home maker.
So, what is the role of husband?
Role of husband is to protect and increase the brand value of lady of the house as home maker.
Rest assured it will be your dullest day, when you are feeling tired that demand to clean the fan will come.
So , what to do ?  
I have found the way out . This is the top secret .
There are days when your back is not really that good , it is stiff and you wish to give it an extension . All physiotherapists give the extension to the back and so does the Yoga .
So, what I do ?, I offer to clean the fans when my back is stiff . My wife gets a surprise of her life when my offer suddenly comes out of the blue .
She looks at me to see if I am alright .
“ I just thought to clean the fans because probably one of my friend and his wife may come by next weekend”
“ So , you can do it on Sunday , why you wish to do it on Friday only “
She is happy but does not want to show it to me .
“ OK , you can go ahead , as long as you do it carefully”
So , you get the stair case , take it on the side of the fan. If you are just below the fan and try to clean it , rest assured your back will be good but your neck will be stiff . Enjoy my consultancy based on personal experience .
As you finish it , your wife is happy , and your back pain is gone .
How do you like it ?
You have just added to the brand value of your wife.
“ You have done a good job because next week I am going to host a Kitty party for my friends .”
“ Oh, Next week I am going to be very busy in the office”
“ Don’t worry , you have already done your bit by cleaning the fans. The only help I may require is cleaning the utensils if maid does not turn up after the kitty party .”
Now, your back is again stiff but all the fans are cleaned and you do not have much choice . Your wife has already checked up with your friends that no body is coming to your home in next week.
Life is good.

Col. Virendra Kumar

Col Virendra Kumar, a Military Veteran with 27 years of Army experience and 15 years of corporate experience wears so many hats. He is passionate about national and international affairs.

He is also a professional trainer, motivator, speaker and executive coach with management qualifications from IIM Banglore and SIMS. He has always worked and opted for diversified fields. In his professional life, he has lead people by taking them along, leading them against the tide, ensuring their development and providing authentic leadership.
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