Meet "Dancing Dadi" who is breaking all the stereotypes and winning hearts...!

At the age of 64 years old, She is an Inspiration...!

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You must have seen so many dance creators on Instagram. Must be binge-watching dance reels all day. But have you seen a 64 years old woman, knowing nothing about this digital space and still building a huge community of hers just on the basis of her dance skills? She dances her heart out in her videos. And getting so much appreciation for her dance skills. Her name is Ravibala Sharma. She is a 64 years old woman and has a 188K following on her Instagram. Her journey is nothing but Incredible and inspiring.

Ravibala Sharma

She is known as Dancing Dadi. She is breaking all the age biases and winning hearts. She started dancing out of passion. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” says, Ravibala Sharma in one of the interviews. From being a working woman to following her passion, her journey has been an inspiration. She is an influencer one of her own kind. You can’t measure her dance through the parameter of perfection, her dance makes your heart smile, and that’s her USP.

Who is Ravibala Sharma?
Now you must be thinking who is this dancing dadi? Born one day on Instagram and getting famous? So Ravibala Sharma is born and brought up in Moradabad a small town in Uttar Pradesh. She comes from musical family background. She learned music from her father and took kathak training as well. That is the reason for the beautiful dance that she presents today. She has always been passionate about dancing. Dance makes her happy and that reflects in her each and every expression.

In another interview, Ravibala Sharma said, “While the body may grow old, it’s the liveliness of our spirits, that keeps us young, fit, and full of dreams.” She said further, “If you are determined about something, everything else can be managed. If you want to achieve something and accomplish something you can do it very comfortably.” Her experience is reflected in her words.

How did Ravibala become a Dancing Dadi?
She said, “Lockdown was the turning point for her. In lockdown she had so much time, so she created a few dance videos out of passion. And uploaded one of them on social media. And surprisingly her first video went viral. That was the turning point. Post that her kids motivated her to make more. And now she is the famous “Dancing Dadi” amongst all. Not only her followers but she is winning the hearts of Bollywood celebrities like Diljeet Dosanjh, Terence Lewis, Imtiaz Ali, and many more. One video changed her life completely that too for the good.
According to dancing dadi, her disciplined life, determination, and punctuality keep her energetic at this age. She is an inspiration for the younger generation. As it is being said, Always have a hobby because when no one will be able to hold your hand your hobby will do. Ravibala Sharma’s journey is the reflection of Passion, Dedication, and Determination. We hope in the future we may see a lot of Ravibalas in various fields.

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