Turning Point of Russo Ukraine War: Bloody Fall of Mariupol

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The defeat of Mariupol in the Russia Ukraine War is/was the "Turning Point" of war. In this war, which started on 24 February 2022, Russia launched a Multi-Pronged Attack on Ukraine at their convenience and from carefully chosen places. Preparation of attack kept Ukraine, America, NATO, and World in general guessing as to Russian War Aim/Intentions. Ukrainian Army struggled to cope with this six-pronged offensive. At the outset of the war, it was thought that Russia would end the war by capturing the Ukrainian Capital, Kiev, and establishing a pro-Russian Government there. But Russian Army began to fortify Kiev, strengthen her defenses and bombard the capital mercilessly.It was a sign of long term siege until the people of Kiev/ Government of Ukraine surrendered. Artillery/Missile Units deployed at North East and North West of Kiev rained down fire on Kiev. Similar to this tactics, Russian Army practiced at Kiev; they surrounded cities of Charnihev, Sumi and Kharkiv but did not rush to capture them.
Turning Point of Russo Ukraine War: Bloody Fall of Mariupol

As is clear now; right from beginning, Russian Strategic Goal was to occupy the Luhansk and Donetsk Oblast areas, as well as Southern Ukraine, and to build a Russian dominated Land Bridge (Stretch of Land) to Crimea which would have paved the way for an Attack on Transnistria from the Kherson Region. After the capture of Mariupol, a Land Bridge through Crimea could/would be built for the Russian Army to advance to Moldova, a illegally occupied piece of land. With all her poweress in battle field, it took almost Ninety Days for the Russian Army to capture Mariupol. During this period, Russian Army literally scorched/burned Mariupol. No doubt, Ukrainian Army gave them a bitter fight. The city was hit by a series of small and large Russian Military Strikes and its suitable retaliation by Ukrainian Army. According to Sources, the battle of Mariupol has accounted for 43,000 Civilians/Soldiers killed, over Two Million Civilians displaced and caused billions of Dollars in Structural/Financial losses.
According same Source; 6,000 Russian Soldiers have been killed, few Hundreds of Russian Tanks/Armoured Personal Carriers/Planes and a complete Motorized Battalion Group has been annihilated by Ukrainian Soldiers/Guerrillas.
Russian Defence Minister announced capture of Mariupol on 17 May, 22. Mariupol was guarded by thousands of Ukrainian Soldiers, Azov Fighters and Western Mercenaries. Russian Army had reached outskirts of Mariupol in First week of March,22.There after; it took them almost 60 days to reach and start tackling Azovastal Industrial Area/Complex/Zone. This prestigious arena was guarded by about 6000 personnel. This strength gave a bitter fight for 26 days to finally catapult/surrender to Russian Local Command. Azovastal Industrial Area is like a small village situated in area of 11 Square Kilometers at the heart of Mariupol.
It had 80 large Industrial Sheds and 141Offices/Shops, both on and under the surface of Earth. This industrial area, owned by Ukrainian War Lord/Revered Leader of Ukraine, Rinat Akhmeto had; Thirty Meters underground, Twenty Four Kilometers long Tunnel Configuration with walls made of Steel and Concrete (Armored Bunker System) for safety of its contents.
According to above Sources; this Industrial Area also housed few hundred American/North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Members, a Secret Facility called PIT 404, and a Bio Laboratory for Research/Development/Manufacture of Bio Weapons. By the time the Russian Army arrived at the site, this Industrial Zone had 495 Foreign Nationals/Scientists, 300 French Foreign Legion (Commando) Soldiers, 86 NATO Military Officers, and about 4,000 Ukrainian Security Force Soldiers. The Biological Laboratory, Metabyota, was owned and run by Hunter Biden, son of present American President, Vladimir Zelensky, President of Ukraine and Rinat Akhmetov. As per Locals; Western Scientists carried out extraordinary Biological Atrocities on citizens of Mariupol during Development Test. They were treated like "Guinea Pigs."

After Russians laid siege to Mariupol, French Intelligence Officers and their Commandos were unable to evacuate French Foreign Legion Soldiers. That is why French President Emmanuel Macron was desperately in constant contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the war, urging the establishment of a "Humanitarian Corridor" for Safe Passage of his soldiers/citizens. As per same Sources; couple of French Intelligence Officers were killed during audacious Rescue Operations under taken by the French. As a result, French Intelligence Chief Eric Wiedona was ousted on 31March, 22. As per Russians; there were 270 Scientists/Officers from America, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Poland and Greece in the Azovatsal Industrial Area at the time of the surrender. The Radio Conversations, recorded by Russian Intelligence Agency, GRU (formerly KGB), show that conversations were done not only by Azov/Ukrainian Soldiers/Mercenaries; but also by Scientists, NATO Military Trainers and Western Troops. All those conversations demanded that; “Ukraine Government must demand a safe passage for us to get out of the Russian Siege” or words to that effect. But Ukrainian Government was unable to provide any assistance/take military action, as Russian Army and Donetsk People's Militia had closed in on Mariupol/ Azovastal Industrial Area/Complex/Zone.

Just prior to surrender by Forces in Mariupol, Russian GRU had arrested NATO Force Commander in the Region, Lieutenant General Roger Cloutier of America, along with his interpreter girlfriend, Miss Clute, in Mariupol. The news was posted on “American Veterans Today Portal” by the Russian organization Ruslinin. The news immediately went viral. HQs NATO in Brussels clarified that “General Roger Cloutier is currently NATO's Izmir / Turkey Area Commander and there is no question that he is in Ukraine”. Pentagon declined to comment further on the report except saying, "General Roger Cloutier passed away on 28 March, 2022” and declined to comment/clarify further. Russian Military HQs has not commented on any of the statement. Therefore, confusion has arisen as to whether the General has indeed passed away or whether he is in Russians captivity. The same is true of the British mercenary Aden Aslin aka Kozak Gundi. He and his 35 Comrades, along with All Others surrendered/captured in Azovastal Industrial Complex will be treated as Prisoners of War. And so are Ukraine Soldiers. This is evident after Ukraine awarded life imprisonment to a captured Russian Soldier as POW on 23 May,22
If General Roger Clutier was indeed in Russian custody, question arises as to whether the General indeed came to/got arrested in Mariupol prior to/before counter attacks by the Ukrainian Army? If he had come/got arrested earlier, it would mean that the Ukrainian Counter Attacks were carried out in the Azovustal industrial Zone, as directed by America and NATO. In this case, General Roger Cloutier will be tried as a POW under Geneva Convention/International Law. Same criteria applies to his Western Counterparts in Azovastal Industrial Zone. Even NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg will not be able to/cannot deny this stark reality. On other hand, this will only give Russia a chance to launch "Realistic Strikes" on the Western Weapons/ Ammunition/Resource Supply System of NATO.

As Azovastal Industrial Zone was being razed to ground; on 13 May,22, Russia allowed 170 Civilians and 60 Red Cross Workers to pass through "Humanitarian Corridor". Thereafter, on 16 May,22, Russians moved 260 wounded Ukrainian Soldiers to city of Donetsk. 1896 Ukrainian Soldiers defending Azovastal Industrial Zone have surrendered to Russian Military on 18 May, 22. As on date; more than 4,600 Ukrainian Soldiers are being held captive in Russia. It will be interesting to see if Russia uses them to exchange of her captured Troops or decides to prosecute them as per prevailing Law? Russian Department of Information and Mass Communication conducted a tour of Foreign Journalists/Reporters in Occupied Territories of Southern Ukraine on 21May, 22. Reportedly; Russian people, did not like the Acceptance of Surrender because they expected Russian Forces to destroy the Ukrainian Defenders at Azovastal.

There was a "Full Scale Metallurgical Complex" with 10,000 Plant Production Workers in Azovastal Industrial Complex with a capacity to produce 7,000 Tons of Steel, 6 Million Tons of Processed Steel, 4.5 Million Tons of Rolled Metal Production per year. It had Turnover and Foreign Exchange Transactions to a tune of 45 Million Dollars paying about Four and a half Million Dollars in Taxes. This Golden Egg Laying Hen which Russia desperately wanted, has died as a result of the collapse of nearly 80 percent of Mariupol beyond revival. Now; Russia and Rebels want to develop this city as an Attractive Tourist Destination. "We will allocate maximum integration assistance to this friendly Russian family region," is what Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusanulin has promised during his visit to this place on 19 May,22. According to Political/Defense Analysts; Russian implication of this statement is; "War will end in the independence/annexation of the region and will remain under Russian domination." Even after the surrender of Ukrainian Troops in the Azovastal Industrial Complex, Russian Artillery, Missiles and aircraft continued to fire on ruins of Mariupol because they are not convinced that conflict in that area has completely subsided.

After fall of Azovastal Industrial Zone, Mariupol is now completely under Russian control. Russia has suffered a number of setbacks in its fight against the Ukrainian Army. But this is the biggest Russian Victory in this War. Russia has suffered heavy casualties and financial losses, but the victory will no doubt boost Russian Morale. Russia will/can now easily divert her Strategic Strength to other Industrial Areas in Eastern Ukraine. By capturing Mariupol, the Russian will now turn to Severdonetsk and Limon. The Russians are currently building a stronghold North of Kharkiv. Conquest of Mariupol has facilitated Russia into the Sea of ​​Azoc.

As per my guess; America/NATO Engineered Coup in 2014, brought Zelensky to power in Ukraine. Under his regime; they set up NATO Command Centre, a major Biochem Weapon Station and a Regiment of Neo Nazi Soldiers under Azovstal Industrial Complex. With so many top Generals/Scientists/Soldiers/Logistic shuffling in and out, it was a very well kept secret. When she came to know about it, Russia planned to eliminate it by a Military Operation. So Russians lined up Tanks and Heavy Military Vehicles on roads to Capital Kiev, clearly visible to American/NATO Satellite Images. They all thought that Russia was going to attack Kiev. Garrison. Azovstal Stronghold must have been convinced that they were very safe, very secure. Everything was normal in Mariupol. Attack on Kiev fizzled out quickly. But by then, Russian Troops have entered Mariupol and encircled the Azovstal Fortress. Faint of Attack on Kiev was a brilliant decoy and a Diversionary Mane oeuvre by Putin.
This deception was a perfect Military Strategy was achieved after lot of Planning, Effort and Grit of Russian Army. With the surrender; Russia/Putin seems to have captured Azovstal Fortress lock, stock and barrel. Now Americans, French, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and Pope Francis are trying their best to mollify Putin
China is following same Foot Prints in/opposite Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh, just as Russia did her Strategic Preparations before invading Ukraine. Russians had rallied against Ukraine under the guise of War Games. China is doing the same thing by building a chain of Ex Servicemen’s Villages all over Northern Border and bridges on Pongyang Lake. As on date of this document; more than 100 Villages have been built and Two Bridges have been constructed. Is it a “Wakeup Call” for us. 

Colonel Abhay Patwardhan (Retd)

Colonel Abhay Balkrishna Patwardhan (Retd) did his BA in Political Science, B Sc in Biology, M Sc and M Phil in Defence Studies, and MBA in Finance and HR. He got commission in the Special Frontier Force and Commanded 19 Jat Regiment. In his 36-year service with the Army, he handled the insurgency in Nagaland, Mizoram, Khalistan and Kashmir; participated in the 1971 Indo-Pak war; trained the Mukti Bahini, and participated in Operation Blue Star at the Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984. He also served as member of the IPKF in Sri Lanka, Commanded a battalion in Tawang, and received Unit Citation for Outstanding Ops against the Chinese in 1990-92.

He served as Instructor in Defence Services College at Wellington; Director of Training at Hq DG, NCC, New Delhi as In charge of the Republic Day Parade and Student Foreign Exchange Program. He received two medals for valour. Besides, he authored a “Reference Book on Disaster Management” in 2001 under Ministry of Defence. The book was released by then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Defence Minister George Fernandez.

Col Patwardhan has authored six books in Marathi on Military aspects. He regularly writes in newspapers and magazines, gives lectures and presentations, participate in television debates on matters related to military, security and terrorism. He has been a visiting faculty in National Defence College and National Fire Service College on security and disaster management. He offers free guidance for entry to Defence Forces, Para Military forces, Police, and Service Selection Board interviews. So far 47 candidates have qualified as Officers and 14 as Personnel below the officer rank in defence forces and 39 in para-military forces and police. He is also member on various government bodies/organizations on various aspects of security and disaster management.