Twitter rock with memes while a mild Earthquake hits Meghalaya

Which one is funnier?

NewsBharati    13-Jun-2022 14:43:34 PM
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Whenever there is any natural calamity news, we see 100s of tweets and then a hashtag trending on Twitter. Today there was a 4.0 magnitude earthquake in Meghalaya. And there are so many tweets about the same. However, there are some tweets, which will grab your attention. No, they aren’t information-providing tweets, they are the hilarious ones, and those will make you laugh.
Earthquake and memes

Let me show you a glimpse of it..!

1. This man is busy saving the economy.

2. Selfi with Earthquake? Like seriously?

3. Ohhh This one is epic…!

4. No wait Another selfie?

5. This was when Earthquake hit Delhi yet again in 2021

6. Yes another one from the same time…!

Thankfully there are no casualties. And everyone is safe. Hope this made you smile today. Let us know which made you laugh the most?