5 Benefits that tell you to opt for “Minimalism” now !!!

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Many of you must have heard a lot about Minimalistic Lifestyle or Minimalism. What does this lifestyle vouch for? To live with less. In general, you need, I repeat “Need” very few things to live. By this, I do not mean just to survive, but to lead a fulfilling life, there are only a few things that you need. And this exact thing is called “Minimalism” or a Minimalist lifestyle. Nowadays when the world is facing lots of financial issues, it is the right time to go for this lifestyle. Here are the 5 benefits that tell you to opt for Minimalism, NOW!!!


1. Clarity of thoughts: When adopting Minimalism you know what you need, and what is important for you. And you get rid of all the other things that you may want but may not need. Here it makes a lot of difference that you get so much clarity about what you will have with you. For example, you may want to possess a high-quality camera but you don’t need it as of now. So you won’t buy it, According to the minimalism rule. Because you have that clarity, you will convince your mind that “Excuse me !! You don’t need it so don’t buy.” It is as simple as that.

We never think about it but decluttering your space can impact your mental health very positively. Mental Health studies say that our physical space and things near us are directly related to our thoughts. So when you go and sort your cupboard, you feel relaxed in mind while looking at the perfectly placed clothes, So go once and clear all the stuff that is laying just like that for months, clear your space, give up on unnecessary things that you don’t need now, Use 30 days rule (If you don’t need this for next 30 days you won’t need it in future.) and after doing all the sorting I assume you will feel a lot more relaxed, a lot more light, a lot more mentally healthy and happy. Minimalism is really good for mental health.

2. More Space: Have you ever lived in a decluttered space? Or an open space where you don’t have many things, and how comfortable it feels? When you go for Minimalism you can feel this feeling every single day. Because you follow Minimalism, Decluttering your stuff now and then will come to you naturally after a point, and then you will be having more space for you just to look at it and relax.

By having more space It doesn’t mean that you get rid of everything that you have. It only means to have only what you need. For example, You may want that extra recliner chair and bean bag both for your living room, but you may not need them because you already have a beautiful sofa set. So who doesn’t want some more space in their home?

3. Healthy Life: Minimalism does not only apply to things, but to the whole life. Ask yourself, many times you must have overcommitted to yourself, to others. Minimalism teaches you to get rid of this overcommitment. It teaches you to get rid of that unhealthy stuff that you do not need, It teaches you to not to fear FOMO, Fear of Missing out. We want to do anything and everything that others are doing all because of this FOMO. It gives you a life that is full of positivity and hence you are blessed with a healthy life. All you need to understand is, You must have what you NEED not what you WANT. When you do not concentrate on materialistic life, You automatically live a healthy life. Physically and mentally too.

4. More Time: When you declutter your space, and your thoughts, you have more time to do some productive work. There are many opportunities that will come to your door, Let’s accept the fact that you can not do everything that is coming your way. Somewhere somehow you need to make a stop, breath and then decide what opportunity to take. Minimalism exactly teaches you that. With a Minimalistic lifestyle, you will have more time to spend with your family, More time to enjoy your passion, and More time to spend with yourself. And living a healthy life is very very important.

5. Better Finances: Minimalism teaches you better spending habits. And if you can control your spending, or know how much spending is necessary, you have better finances. More money, More financial freedom will lead to a better life for you. More money does not mean spending more as it will crush the whole idea of “Minimalism”. You can use this more money to plan your future, save for your business, or have insurance with it. These things are more important than eating out every weekend or buying something that you don’t need.

The Whole Idea of Minimalism is Living “MORE” with “LESS”. Isn’t it beautiful that you can live your dream life with very few things, or with lesser spending? The best thing about minimalism is you will have better health, better relationships, a better lifestyle, healthy mental wellbeing, and overall life that many people will look up to. It is not just a lifestyle but a life that will inspire many people.

So while adopting this lifestyle you have to keep these things in mind.

1. Declutter your space.
2. Make a list of the things that you DON’T need.
3. Concentrate more on saving rather than spending.
4. Declutter your thoughts.


With these basic steps, you can start your journey with minimalism, Which will take you way ahead. Actually decluttering stuff is not the end result of Minimalism, Its the first step of it. The end result is understanding WHY you are doing this? When is doubt ask yourself do I really need this, and if not then Why do I want it? You will get all your answers. The day you understand this, no one can stop you from being a successful human being.

- Niharika Pole Sarwate

Niharika Pole Sarwate

Niharika Pole Sarwate became a journalist to voice her opinion for the right. She has been working as journalist for more than five years now. Art, Culture, Youth, Nation are her areas of work. Social media has strong power and she is on a mission to utilise it for the betterment of the society.