Senior Advocate rubbishes "fake defence" put by Hamid Ansari to hide ties with Nusrat Mirza, order govt inquiry

Senior advocate said that they "chose not to disclose" about an international conference on terrorism and the government should initiate a probe into the matter as it "relates to national security and espionage".

NewsBharati    15-Jul-2022 12:30:38 PM
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With several shocking revelations unveiled regarding Hamid Ansari and Pakistan spy journalist Nusrat Mirza, Dr Adish Aggarwala who is Chairman of All India Bar Association has rubbished "spurious defence" put by Hamid Ansari to hide ties with Mirza. He has also said that he is maligning PM Narendra Modi after the former Vice President critcized the PM.
The senior advocate said that they "chose not to disclose" about an international conference on terrorism and the government should initiate a probe into the matter as it "relates to national security and espionage".
Senior Advocate rubbishes
In a press statement, Aggarwala stated that the fake defence put up by Hamid Ansari, said, "The cop-out statements were made to take cover behind the Conference of Jurists in order to evade questions and escape inquiries. However, so as not to allow disingenuous claims to camouflage the truth, as President of the International Council of Jurists, Chairman of the All India Bar Association, Convener of Indian Council of Jurists and organizer of the International Conference of Jurists on International Terrorism & Human Rights-2010, I wish to set out the facts based on records."
"The International Conference of Jurists on International Terrorism & Human Rights was held on December 11 & 12, 2010 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. The then Vice President Hamid Ansari had attended the conference but Nusrat Mirza was neither an invitee nor had he attended it. Even Nusrat Mirza has not referred to this Conference in his interview. It is recalled that when the aforesaid Conference was being organized, an invitation to attend the Conference had been sent to Mr. Hamid Ansari in his capacity as Vice President of India. Mr. Ashok Dewan who at that time was working as Director, Vice President Secretariat had informed me that the Vice-President has desired that Pakistani journalist Mr. Nusrat Mirza be invited to the Conference," he stated.
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"However, we could not accede to the request since Mr. Mirza was from Pakistan media and we had not invited judges or lawyers from Pakistan. When Mr. Dewan came to know that we have not invited Mr. Mirza despite insistence of the Vice-President, Mr. Dewan called me up the day before the Conference and expressed displeasure o the Vice-President. He also informed me that Mr. Hamid Ansari has felt offended and will now attend the inaugural ceremony for only twenty minutes although he had initially agreed to participate in the event for an hour. On the next day, Mr. Ansari left the ceremony after twenty minutes itself as had been informed by Mr. Dewan," he added.
"The actual event where Mr. Ansari and Mr. Mirza participated together is not the Conference of Jurists as attempted to be portrayed by Mr. Ansari and his supporters. The said event, which for obvious reasons Mr. Hamid Ansari and Mr. Jairam Ramesh withheld in their public statements, is the "International Conference against Terrorism” organized by Jama Masjid United Forum held at Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi on October 27, 2009 which was attended by Mr. Hamid Ansari, Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama Masjid Ahmed Bukhari, Dr. Farooq Abdullah and other Muslim leaders. It appears that Mr. Hamid Ansari and Mr. Jairam Ramesh chose not to disclose about the Jama Masjid United Forum's Conference in order to mislead government agencies and the public. Possibly, they felt it appropriate to take shelter behind the Jurists' Conference so that Mr. Ansari receives a clean chit on scrutiny of records of the said Conference.
"The statements made by Mr. Hamid Ansari, Mr. Jairam Ramesh, and other Congress office bearers are manifestly distorted, wholly untrue, and deplorably dishonest. It is rather astonishing that a former Vice-President of the country would indulge in underhanded activity and then try to duck behind another unconnected event to lead the public astray. In order to unravel the truth, I reiterate that Mr. Hamid Ansari and his friends were fraternizing with Mr. Nusrat Mirza at the Zama Masjid United Forum's Conference."
"They deceitfully and designedly named the Jurists Conference as the only one which was attended by Mr. Hamid Ansari on the assumption that none will reach the truth. Mr. Hamid Ansari had shared the dais with Mr. Nusrat Mirza at the said event. Whenever an event is attended by the President of India, Vice-President of India or the Prime Minister of India who are adorning the dais, the names of all persons who share the dais are to be first cleared by the said leaders."
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"It is, therefore, obvious that the names of persons who were on the dais that day had been approved of by Mr. Ansari. This implies that Mr. Mirza was present in the said event either on the invite of or at least with prior knowledge and consent of Mr. Hamid Ansari. It is regrettable that Mr Hamid Ansari is now trying to wash his hands off the matter and to distance himself from the said person after their close association has been disclosed by Mr. Nusrat Mirza himself. I am enclosing herewith a photograph showing Mr. Hamid Ansari sharing the dais at the said event."
"We request the Government of India to initiate an inquiry into the matter since the matter relates to national security and espionage. The records of the Jama Masjid United Forum Conference, which apparently are not in public domain, need to be retrieved and analyzed. It may be pointed out that each such international conference can be organised only after obtaining clearance of Union Home Ministry and Union Foreign Ministry," he said.