"Rizwan Bhai, You are a 'Mard-E-Mujahid'," says Indian journalist based in Hyderabad

The journalist while conversing with the Rizwan says, "You might win the coming match as well (Oct 14 - Ind vs Pak, Ahmedabad)."

NewsBharati    14-Oct-2023 18:49:33 PM
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Hyderabad, Oct 14: When it comes to sports it becomes a tough call for people, unfortunately, as opinions differ in the range of a pendulum for whether a nation is important or the game and the sport. Well, everyone is free to support whichever thought they wish to. However, when it is India vs Pakistan , it becomes a matter of emotions and pride for the country. Any match for any sport that is played between India and Pakistan , is not limited for the sporting element but is directly connected to the nationalistic nerve of the nation.
While this is the case of the India vs Pakistan game among Indians, in a recent press conference of the Pakistani Cricket Team organized in the Indian city of Hyderabad (Bhagyanagar), a city-based journalist showered his love on Pakistani player Mohammed Rizwan for his performance. The journalist while conversing with the Pakistani player says, "You might win the coming match as well (Oct 14 - Ind vs Pak, Ahmedabad)." Continuing with the conversation, the journalist further said that he is really saddened by the fact that Rizwan is engaged in a spree of injuries. And that people of Hyderabad are really hopeful that he plays well soon. He said, "Despite of the injuries, you have played your sport like 'Mard-E-Mujahid'.

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The journalist further asked "How was your 15 days stay in Shehr-E-Dakkhan 'Hyderabad'?" Rizwan responded to the question saying, "When I was playing in Hyderabad..it felt like I'm playing the match in Rawalpindi. He shared that the love Pakistan team received in Hyderabad was overwhelming. For several netizens, the conversation between an 'Indian Journalist' based in Hyderabad and Pakistani cricketer Mohammed Rizwan, was found disturbing.
The history that there is to India-Pakistan relations, the history that goes back to the formation of the two nations, the formation of Pakistan that is rooted on the corpses of broken families and relations. This is the sentimental value of any 'India vs Pakistan' match for most of the Indians. This background is the reason why, people are so emotionally involved in the India vs Pakistan game, that if at all the match follows any incident of ceasefire violation along the LoC or any other act of terror where India loses its jawans and armed personnel, people voluntarily stand to boycott the match.

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The 'India vs Pakistan' matches, of cricket in particular, are an emotional deal for Indians. Ironically, Indians have followed the British sport of cricket with a whole different spirit, while their emotions hit the roof for 'India vs Pakistan', another gift of the British.