NB Soch X | Subtly hurting Hindu sentiments! HDFC publishes an ad depicting a woman with a Bindi designed as a universal prohibition sign

The advertisement was published in the newspaper. In that "Vigil Aunty" campaign advertisement, the HDFC depicted a woman wearing a Bindi designed as the universal prohibition sign.

NewsBharati    17-Oct-2023 11:02:07 AM
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At the time when the #NoBindiNoBussiness storm forced the advertisement industry to change its anti-Hindu narrative that they were showcasing in their advertisement with a deliberate attempt to Abrahamic the Hindu festival, it seems like some companies have come up with a subtle way to propagate their Islamic ideology and to demean Hindu tradition.
 Recently, an advertisement of the HDFC bank went viral on social media, in which they tried to run their #NoBindi business in a subtle way. Interestingly, this subtle anti-Hindu advertisement, coming at the time whole India is celebrating the Hindu festival which is dedicated to Maa Durga and all forms of the feminine divine, is even more reprehensible.
The advertisement was published in the newspaper. In that 'Vigil Aunty' campaign advertisement, the HDFC depicted a woman wearing a Bindi designed as the universal prohibition sign.
This is so shocking that the 4th largest bank in the world represented the Hindu culture in a disrespectful manner. This advertisement stunned many social media users, some of whom raised questions about HDFC's thoughts on representing Hindu culture in a disrespectful manner.
It is so shocking that brands deliberately target Hindu tradition in their ad. Why Hindu's should accept the Islamisation of the Hindu tradition? Why don't they try their "Experiments" in their other religious festivals advertisements like Eid or Christmas?
At this point, it should be highlighted that this is not the first that, brands and companies have targeted Hindu festivals. Earlier during the Diwali a #NoBindiNoBussiness campaign was launched by well-known author Shefali Vaidya after clothing brand 'Fab-India' launched their Diwali with Islamic touch and Urdu name ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’.Like the names and no representation of Hindu traditions. Models in those ads were not smiling, wearing traditional clothes however, no model was wearing a bindi.
Following the controversy, FabIndia issued a clarification saying it was not their Diwali collection. They launched another collection calling it Jhilmil Si Diwali.
Apart from Fab India, Jewelry brands like Tanishq, Orra, and Malabar Dimond Gold also published their ad hurting Hindu sentiments. Malabar Gold & Diamonds released Akshaya Tritiya advertisements featuring bindi-less Kareena Kapoor Khan. The #NOBindiNoBussiness trend forced the brands to withdraw their ads and reissue them with visible Hindu symbols like Bindi, Diya and crackers.
Tanishq, a jewellery brand from the house of Tatas, reissued its advertisements removing Arabic arches from the picture and inserting a model with bindi and brass lamp. The impact of Vaidya’s campaign is visible this time too. Malabar Gold & Diamonds has models featuring in Akshaya Tritiya advertisements with a bindi on its website.
Another brand promoted its products at Hindu festivals by naming them “Jashn - E - Bahara” last year, which was a huge disappointment for the entire Hindu community. After #NoBindiNoBusiness went viral this year, they gave their campaign a new name “A splash of colours” Where the models are wearing bright yellow and saffron outfits, having smiling faces, and wearing a big prominent bindi. #NoBindiNoBusiness really works, isn’t it?