NB Soch X | Spine chilling honor killing! Gora Khan brutally kills own daughter for marrying Hindu Boy

Gora Khan is accused of murdering his daughter and son-in-law, aided by his son and Salman"s friend, due to his disapproval of his daughter"s marriage to Karan Ramesh Chandra.

NewsBharati    18-Oct-2023 15:08:04 PM
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In a spine chilling case of the honor killing, a Muslim man Gora Raeesuddin Khan, killed his own daughter and her Hindu husband over their interfaith marriage. The man, along with his son and his son's friend plotted the murder. The Mumbai police arrested Khan, along with his son, Salman, and another individual, Kaif Khan in this matter.
Interfaith Marriage
As per the Police FIR the, victims has been identified as 20-year-old woman named Gulnaz Khan and her 22-year-old husband, Karan Ramesh Chandra. The incident unfolded after Chandra's body was discovered in a well at an isolated telecom factory in the Govandi area on last Saturday.
Upon discovering the body with a slit throat, locals alerted the Govandi police about it, who then initiated a murder case and also circulated his photograph to gather information.
During the initial police investigation, police learned that Gulnaz Khan's family, originally hailing from Banda, Uttar Pradesh were vehemently opposed to her marriage to Karan Ramesh Chandra. Despite the family’s disapproval Gulnaz Khan married to Karan Ramesh Chandra in 2022.
Two days later, on Monday, the Panvel police discovered the body of a woman dumped behind the trees. The method of killing was similar to that of the man - a slit on the neck, with the bodies hidden at separate locations. Further investigation revealed the connection between the two victims. The woman was identified as Gulnaaz leading suspicion on her father Gora Khan. Following suspicion, police arrested him. During the introrogation Khan allegedly confessed to have killed the couple with the help of others as they had married against his wishes.
As per the Gora Raeesuddin Khan, he called the couple to Mumbai under the guise of resolving their conflict. Upon the couple’s arrival in the city, the father-son duo – Gora Raeesuddin Khan and Salman Khan – along with the son’s friend Mohammad Kaif and three other minors, took Karan Ramesh Chandra to a secluded location in Govandi.
They killed Chandra by slitting his throat and disposed of the body in a nearby well. Subsequently, in the night, when Gulnaz began inquiring about her husband, her family members took her to Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai on a false pretext and strangled her using a rope and disposed of her body in the jungle.