Is Jairam Ramesh official nanny of Rahul Gandhi?: Memes flood internet as he tutors Rahul Gandhi over 'Unfortunately, I'm an MP,' remark

Rahul Gandhi got trolled after asserting that he was ‘unfortunately a member of Parliament’ but Jairam Ramesh told him to correct the sentence immediately.

NewsBharati    17-Mar-2023 12:30:10 PM
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New Delhi, Mar 17: It seems like Congress leader Rahul Gandhi still needs some teaching as he has found himself facing Twitter trolls yet again after a video went viral.
During his interaction with the media, Rahul Gandhi said, "Unfortunately, I am a member of Parliament and as the allegation has been made in Parliament by four ministers, it is my democratic right to have an opportunity to speak."
Rahul Gandhi Jairam Ramesh
Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, sitting beside Rahul Gandhi, leaned over to him and asked the former Congress president to tweak his words in order to avoid the BJP's reaction. Though speaking in a hushed tone, Jairam Ramesh's message to Rahul Gandhi was audible enough to be heard and recorded on camera.
"They will make a joke of you. Say 'unfortunately for you'," Jairam Ramesh can be heard saying in the video.
Then Rahul Gandhi said, "I want to make it clear 'unfortunately for you'..."
After the video became viral, the BJP took potshots at Rahul Gandhi. "After all, how much and for how long will you teach him?" said BJP leader Sambit Patra.
BJP's Amit Malviya said it is shocking that Rahul Gandhi can't string a single sentence on his own. "No Jairam, Rahul's inability to articulate doesn't make him anymore of a joke than what he already is!" Malviya tweeted. "Sad that he can’t even make a statement without being coached! Wonder who coached him for his foreign intervention statement?
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