"Delhi Metro becoming a safe haven for sexual maniacs": Viral videos show men involved in obscene activities inside Delhi metro

NewsBharati    28-Apr-2023 16:13:38 PM
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In a series of disgusting acts, several videos are going viral on social media giant Twitter wherein men are involved in sexual activities inside metro trains including the Delhi metro. This has raised major concerns for the public who use transportation on a daily basis.
Delhi Metro
One such video that has caught attention was in which the man can be seen masturbating, despite the presence of a female passenger next to him. Later on in the video, the man can be seen continuing to masturbate with no passenger around him.
The video generated numerous responses on Twitter with many criticising the man for his behaviour in public.
Chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women Swati Maliwal expressed disgust at the video and added that a notice had been issued to Delhi Police and Delhi Metro "to ensure strictest possible action against this shameful act,".
"Came across a viral video where a man can be seen shamelessly masturbating in Delhi Metro. It is absolutely disgusting and sickening. I am issuing a notice to Delhi Police and Delhi Metro to ensure strictest possible action against this shameful act," Maliwal tweeted on Friday.
In another viral video, a man can be seen squatting in what can be called another sexual activity in what looks like a metro train. The two can be seen near the door of a train. However, it can’t be determined if it was the Delhi Metro or somewhere else. From the changing light behind the glass of the door, it can be assumed that the train was moving.
Delhi metro has become a highlight for such activities creating inconvenience for the public.
Memes started to surface on the plight of the Delhi metro