NB Twitter Soch | So-called "Animal lover" Yogita Bhayana slaps woman after gate-crashing Vijay Goel's seminar on stray dog menace

NewsBharati    11-May-2023 11:28:11 AM
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A group of "pet lovers" including the so-called animal activist Yogita Bhayana gate-crashed former union minister and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Vijay Goel’s seminar on the menace of stray dogs at Constitution Club to register their protest. Two women, one of which was Yogita Bhayana was seen slapping a woman and got slapped in return.

Yogita Bhayana slaps woman

Videos of such incidents have gone viral on social media, including the slapping. In the video, when Bhayana and other activists were being forced out of the meeting by the attendees and the police, she slapped a woman for touching her and got slapped in return.
According to the so-called animal lover Yogita Bhayana, she wasn't given a chance to speak and was thrashed, "We wanted to speak our mind. Rather than giving us a platform, they started thrashing us."
However, Goel said in a statement the seminar was held to discuss a solution to menace of stray dog biting people but the “so-called” animal lovers disrupted the seminar. He said he had booked the Speaker’s Hall for the seminar but people of the Constitution Club informed him that MP Maneka Gandhi had also booked the Deputy Speaker’s Hall at the same time.
Goel said people attending the other meeting forced their way to the seminar hall and created a ruckus. “One woman climbed on the stage and spoke directly on the mike. There was uproar in the whole meeting. The police had to intervene to handle the situation,” he said.
“We are animal lovers, we are not anti-animal. This campaign launched by us should not be considered anti-animal,” he said. Goel said there are 6.40 crore stray dogs in the country according to an estimate. He said there are more than 6 lakh dogs in Delhi alone.
"Thirty-six per cent of dog bites in the world occur in Delhi. And in Delhi alone in 6 months, more than 1 lakh dog bite cases are coming only in government hospitals. We all agree on one thing that the number of stray dogs should not increase. There is only one solution for this that these dogs should be sterilized as much as possible," Goel said.