Udupi: 3 Muslim girls place cameras in girl's toilet of college to record hundreds of Hindu girls; Videos & photos shared in WhatsApp groups

NewsBharati    25-Jul-2023 12:07:48 PM
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In a horrifying development, a video scandal has surfaced in Karnataka of a private eye hospital and nursing home, Netra Jyoti, located in Udupi. This came after three girls, reportedly named Alimatul Shaifa, Shabanaz and Aliya of the hospital have been suspended for allegedly recording Hindu girls in the bathroom and circulating the videos among their community members.
Udupi video scandal
The controversy escalated when it was revealed that all the accused students belonging to one community were collecting the clips of Hindu students only. Further, they shared these clips with the men in their community.
Rashmi Samant, a local activist, who called out the scandal and urged to take action against the accused. "I'm from Udupi and nobody is talking about Alimatul Shaifa, Shabanaz and Aliya who placed cameras in female toilets of their college to record hundreds of unsuspecting Hindu girls. Videos and photos that were then circulated in community WhatsApp groups by the perpetrators."

College suspended accused students

The college administration issued a notice, stating that all three accused girls would stay suspended until further orders. Netra Jyothi College director Rashmi Krishna Prasad said the incident occurred on Wednesday (July 19) and the very next day the students were suspended.
According to the director, the three girls told the victim that their target was some other girls and she was mistakenly videographed. They reportedly deleted the video in front of her, the director said. However, the victim told her other friends about the incident and they reported the matter to the management, the director said.
"We suspended the three girls immediately. Though the victim was reluctant to lodge a police complaint for some reasons, we petitioned to the police informing them about the incident. We also handed over the mobile phones used in videography for forensic examination," Rashmi told media.

An Ajmer-like case?

In the Ajmer Rape 1992 Case, more than 100 girls in their teens and early twenties were gang-raped repeatedly and subjected to blackmail in Ajmer, Rajasthan, in 1992. This assault was led by Farooq and Nafis Chishty, two prominent Khadim family members who also handled the caretaking of the Ajmer Sharif Dargah. Victims were enticed into a rural farmhouse or cottage over a period of years, concluding in 1992, where they were sexually raped by one or more men. In addition, the offenders also collected and revealed the victims’ naked or exposed photos as leverage in a blackmail scheme to keep the women silent.