'No one has been born in India to suppress voice of farmers': Union Minister slams Kharge for insulting Chaudhary Charan Singh

Union Minister Parshottam Rupala schooled Leader of Opposition (LoP) Mallikarjun Kharge for insulting Chaudhary Charan Singh and warned the Congress that "no one has been born in this country to stop the voice of farmers...".

NewsBharati    10-Feb-2024 15:31:33 PM
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In Rajya Sabha on January 10, when Rajya Sabha MP Jayant Chaudhary spoke about Chaudhary Charan Singh during the discussion in honor of Bharat Ratna awarded personalities, the Opposition created a ruckus over it. Union Minister, Parshottam Rupala speaking on this, schooled Leader of Opposition (LoP) Mallikarjun Kharge for insulting Chaudhary Charan Singh and warned the Congress that 'no one has been born in this country to stop the voice of farmers...'.

Union Minister Kharge insulting Chaudhary Charan Singh

Under which rule, Jayant Chaudhary was allowed to speak?

It should be noted that posthumous Bharat Ratna was announced for former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh. Speaking on this significant development, Jayant Chaudhary lauded the central government in the Rajya Sabha for conferring Bharat Ratna on his late grandfather. However, this did not go down well with the Opposition. Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge questioned under which rule of the House Jayant Singh was allowed to speak.

As soon as Singh started thanking the government for the honour in Rajya Sabha, Kharge wanted to know the rule under which the RLD leader was allowed to speak.
“There is no debate on honouring leaders with Bharat Ratna. I salute everyone. But if a member wants to raise an issue, you (chairman) ask ‘under which rule’. (I want to know) under which rule he (Jayant Singh) has been allowed to speak. Give permission to us also. On one side you talk about rule…You have discretion…that discretion should be used judiciously and not when you want…," Kharge said, leading to a huge uproar in the House.

"No one has been born in this country to suppress the voice of farmers"

Union Minister and BJP MP Parshottam Rupala slammed the Opposition and Congress leader for insulting "Whenever LoP stands to speak, you (Rajya Sabha Chairman) ask us to listen to him but LoP is now challenging your Chairmanship and telling you that you are taking decisions as per your choice...This is the real face of Congress...They think how can someone get Bharat Ratna who was removed from our party..."

“No one was born in this country to stop the voice of the farmers. It won't happen. You (Mallikarjuna Kharge) cannot listen to the praise of a farmer. A farmer got Bharat Ratna, why did the Congress upset about it?" he added. 

Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar also accused Kharge and other Congress leaders of creating an environment in the House that disrespects the memory of Chaudhary Charan Singh, thereby causing distress to farmers across the country. Dhankhar added that such behavior should induce a sense of shame.

“You virtually insulted Chaudhary Charan Singh; you insulted his legacy. You had no time for Bharat Ratna Chaudhary Charan Singh. You are hurting every farmer in the country by creating such an environment inside the House on the issue of Chaudhary Charan Singh. Our heads should go in shame," the Rajya Sabha Chairman said. 

Dhankhar added, "Don't use this language. I will not tolerate insults to Chaudhary Charan Singh. He stands for impeccable public life, unimpeachable integrity, and commitment to farmers...I have seen with my eyes ruckus, chaos, condemnation, shouting and sloganeering."