Pakistan's Hub Power Company donated electoral bonds to BJP after Pulwama attack? Here's the truth-

NewsBharati    15-Mar-2024 16:30:33 PM
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New Delhi, Mar 15: After the Election Commission of India (EC) made electoral bonds data public on March 14, several political leaders and social media users claimed that a Pakistan-based company called 'The Hub Power Company' donated Rs 95 lakh to BJP during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
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A section of social media was also accused of BJP getting donations from the Pakistan company. One user tweeted, "Pakistan-based company, Hub Power Company, donated Electoral Bonds weeks after the Pulwama attack! When the entire country was mourning the loss of 40 brave soldiers, someone was enjoying funding from Pakistan. Now you know why no proper investigation of Pulwama attacks was ever done & no culprits are caught yet."

Moreover, the Samajwadi Party also tweeted the same and claimed that the donation was made after the Pulwama attack.

The Samajwadi Party tweeted, "Pakistani company Hub Power Company donated Rs 95 lakh to BJP during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. At the same time, our soldiers were also killed in Pulwama. I have never seen a traitorous party like BJP. Why does BJP love Pakistani companies so much? This was the reason why BJP wanted to hide the donations."

Power Hub Company Issues Clarification

Pakistan-based ‘The Power Hub Company Limited (HUBCO) issued a clarification after X users claimed that the same company purchased electoral bonds after Pulwama attack. In a statement, the company said they are no way linked to the matter or any company based in India.

The company said, "It has come to our attention that HUBCO is being mistakenly identified as and connected to the recent inquiry in India about electoral bonds, which includes an Indian company called "Hub Power Company". We would like to categorically state that we are not affiliated with the company named in this matter or any other company based in India. The payments which are being highlighted on the media has no connection whatsoever with HUBCO."

It added, "Any payments we make outside Pakistan are processed after obtaining the necessary approvals by State Bank of Pakistan (SP) against SBP registered contracts. We urge all to verify the facts before publishing any content that may result in spreading misinformation. For any further inquiries or clarifications, we can be contacted as per the details on our official website."