Dr. Usha Kamat Sharma

I am Dr. Mrs. Usha Kamat Sharma M.D., D.Cl.Pharm., Ph.D., who began my professional career as a lecturer in Pharmacology at the Seth G S Medical College affiliated to the KEM Hospital in Mumbai. I had the opportunity to conduct original research projects, graduate lectures and post graduate seminars in this period.
After earning my MD in the subject, I became a Pharmaceutical Physician, and retired after an innings of over 20 years in the Corporate Pharmaceutical world in India.
Thereafter I free lanced as a Pharmaceutical Medical and quality Consultant for a further 25 years or so. I indulged my love for writing by contributing invited articles to journals, and also contributed as a consultant editor for a few years on a couple of medical journals.
I turned once again to teaching, and accepted invitations as Visiting Faculty for various courses in Clinical Research for working professionals in the Pharmaceutical industry.
I designed and delivered a highly specialized course for several years at the Haffkine Institute for Training, Research and Testing, Government of Maharashtra, MUMBAI.
I soon turned to the pursuit of a new passion, the Ancient Civilisation and Culture of our beloved Motherland Bharat.
By this time I had written and published a Prescribed Textbook for Post-Graduates in Pharmacology, a Chapter in a Monograph on Tuberculosis, over 100+ Invited Reviews for a prestigious Pharmaceutical Bulletin, and assumed the Editorship of 2 Medical Journals for a few terms.
I have authored over 15 Original Medical Research Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals.
With this writing background I felt confident to venture into writing in what is essentially a new field for me. My love of teaching impels me to share what I learn with anyone who cares to listen and learn.
I look forward to writing this blog, and to incite curiosity and passion to learn about the riches of our heritage- verily treasures which our Vedic ancestors gifted to the World.
I am committed to providing the same thorough background research to this field as I had to Clinical Research.
I am excited to bring my fresh individual perspective to the subject, and hope I am able to stimulate thinking about this neglected topic.
It is revealing to come across so much national ownership and pride in the explorations carried out in other countries, while such rich treasures of knowledge and wisdom lie unfathomed, unseen, and untouched in the depths of a vast Ocean of the History of our Motherland.
The Time is now ripe for future generations to seek, even demand to know more about Her vast contributions to the World as they know it today.
Read on, and accompany me on this exhilarating journey of discovery into our past, the surest way to catapult meaningfully into the future.