Egypt army’s nationwide operation against Islamic insurgents rolls in full swing
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 10-Feb-2018

Cairo, February 10: Egypt Army is continuing its strike against terrorists in full force which has been launched on Friday. Air Force of the country continued on Friday night its airstrikes targeting terrorist hideouts and weapons in Sinai as part of the Operation.

As per the official statement from the Egyptian army, throughout the night and during early hours of Saturday terrorist strongholds were detected in north and central Sinai. Later, airstrikes were concentrated targeting those strongholds. Military jets hit stores of weapons, ammunition, explosive materials and logistic areas of terrorists. Egyptian border guards, police and law enforcement forces conducted several raids in different terrorist spots.

Other than Airforce, Naval force is also continuing the operation.Latter is increasing the strength of security measures along the coast from Rafah to the west of Arish city in North Sinai. They are trying to cut off the supply routes to terrorists.

Egypt army launched a major security operation against “terrorist and criminal elements and organizations” on Friday. The Army Spokesperson of Egypt announced the operation which is being held in the Nile Delta and the northern Sinai Peninsula.

The area is the heart of persistent Islamic State group insurgency. The aim is to crush years-long Islamist insurgency within a three-month deadline set by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. Since the army overthrew Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013, security forces are more targeting the jihadists.