Opposition once again unites to mislead...This time over farmers' protests!

NewsBharati    02-Dec-2020   
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As expected the talks between the agitating farmers and the government on farm laws remained inconclusive on December 1, the scope for further meetings and deliberations was not ruled out. In fact, they will be meeting again on December 3 to strike a better understanding on the issues and apprehensions raised by the farmers who have blocked the roads coming to Delhi since last some days.
The crux of the controversy over the revolutionary farm laws enacted by the Parliament during the last session was misconceptions among the farmers arising out of misleading propaganda by the opposition parties, mainly the Congress and the Left parties, and the biased media. Right from the day one, these adversaries of the government were at work to mislead the farmers on these laws which otherwise would have benefitted them immensely.
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been reiterating his resolve of doubling the farmers’ income from the very first year he came to power with a conclusive majority in 2014. The people believed in him and pleased with the welfare policies and steps initiated and implemented by his government reposed their faith in his leadership and endorsed his policies in 2019 by giving the BJP-NDA a thumping majority in the Lok Sabha elections.
This massive popular support must have shocked the Congress and the Left parties who are fast becoming irrelevant in the Indian politics. So, every moment, every opportunity was used by them to defame and malign the Modi Government in general indulging in mudslinging at the personality of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
They did it in the case of the CAA and NRC by instigating the Muslims to organize country-wide protests when the CAA had nothing to do with the Indian Muslim Citizens. However, when they realized the uselessness of that agitation, they retraced but not before inflicting a heavy damage to the society and the reputation of the nation.
Now, they are at it again with the farm laws. The current agitation of the farmers of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh is a clear indication of the dangerous game the Congress and the Left parties are playing.
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The farmers in India have been the subject of criminal apathy of the government. India is an agriculture-based economy. Mahatma Gandhi understood it better and advised his darling Jawaharlal Nehru to implement the policies that would see better days for the farmers. But much to his disappointment, Nehru threw those suggestions from the Mahatma into the dustbin as he was more impressed by the industrial development of the European countries. Instead, he gave prominence to big industries and dams at the cost of agriculture and farmers.
Subsequent governments, except for ‘Green Revolution’ and ‘White Revolution’ did not care much for the farmers and in the last decade we had seen many a farmer committing suicide out of sheer frustration. This was caused by two major factors – the inconsistent and irregular rainfall and the loan trap of the banks and the moneylenders. If the Congress and the Left parties were really interested in farmers’ welfare, what steps did they take to stop these suicides? Why were the farmers still taking that extreme step as a ‘final solution’ to their problems? Why has no media asked these questions to these parties? Why have they suddenly felt the need to speak for the farmers on these farm laws when they are actually meant for the betterment of the farmers?
The presence of the elements that supported the anti-CAA agitation at Shahinbaug in this agitation speaks volumes about the ill-intention of those who are behind this agitation. Similarly, apprehensions were expressed about the presence of Khalistani and Maoist elements in this movement which if not identified and controlled immediately, could create havoc using this opportunity. The presence of anti-development leaders like Medha Patkar also speaks loud and clear about the ultra motives of this agitation.
There is one more aspect and this is more important. Though the laws were enacted for the benefit of the farmers, the lack on the part of the government and the ruling party to convey this aspect to the farmers in a most convincing and assuring way was most obvious. This has happened in case of the CAA also. The failure of the government in conveying the welfare message of its steps and policies has caused heavy damage.
The farmers have certain apprehensions and the most pertinent among them was the MSP or minimum support price. The APMCs are right now the only available market to the farmers. With the new laws in force, the farmers are free to sell their produce at any market that offers them a better price. But those vested interests that manage, control and dominate over the APMCs will be losing their commission and ‘extra income’. For the fear of this loss, they have instigated the farmers to take to streets.
Social thinkers like K N Govindacharya have suggested that the government must enact MSP Guarantee Act to assure the farmers that the private players in this business would not be able to exploit the farmers in case the APMCs became redundant in course of time. The government can think over this suggestion to assure the farmers.
The farmers too will have to think rationally to save them from getting misled by these parties, elements and forces. The laws enacted by the government are not against them. These laws were framed in view of the lasting welfare and economic wellbeing of the farmers. The Congress and the Left parties have a one-point agenda: If you can not convince them, Confuse them. Therefore, it is in the interest of the farmers to remain alert and do not get confused.
However, a good omen was that the farmers and their leaders have agreed to hold talks with the government. There is no problem solution to which could not be found across the table. Discussion is the only way to arrive at a solution that would be lasting and acceptable to all concerned. So, let us hope that the December 3 meeting would be a success in removing fears from the farmers’ minds and assuring them about their bright future.