Sangh- In and Out : The Tradition here!

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..Being new to this thought process, I see need to understand the Sangh, it's ideology. And this is solely because the image that people had been carrying of the Sangh was altogether different. As a matter of fact, the bearing and stance of those who stand in vehement opposition to the Sangh are invariably aggressive. What? Don't agree?
People who do not align with the thought, the philosophy of the Sangh are I think avid about a veciferous expression of their disagreement. That is how it has been and that is how it is today. But for Sangh, all of these hardly matters and hardly makes a difference. The only cause to this being the Sangh rarely replies to criticism coming its way. And that's what we call the tradition of Sangh!

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Fully committed and faithful to its thought and its mission, the organisation keeps journeying its work to speak for itself and take care of the reply to the anti propoganda. This again, may we know is part of the tradition of Snagh. The reason why Sangh is is not even in the least interested in promoting and propogating its work or talking about it, is also the reason why it is not interested in wasting time answering the opponents.
To quote those who have profound trust in organisation, "all that is penned against the Sangh is nothing but 'comedy' and has nothing to do with the truth! 
The Swayamsevak who harbouring this sort of an attitude to criticism keep walking its path, confident and undaunted has come to be the distintive identity of what the organisation today is. Besides, those who have made firm faith in the ideology and in the tradition of the Sangh, an inseparabe part of life, can never be deterred by criticism against the Sangh- that one would never get to see!
However, the two streams of thought do admittedly end up surprising the common man- Through decades the Indian common man has been witnessing on the one hand, a huge multitude associating with the Sangh and on the other, many people, who launch vehement attacks and dish out nasty flak against Sangh's ideology.
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Though, the Sangh has no interest in country's politics, two of its Swayamsevaks have adorned the post of Prime Minister of India. It was Sangh that gave direction and purpose to their life which was why they ould achieve the highest position, asserted with pride, both Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi.. both of whom though from ordinary families have attained the honour of becoming the Prime Minister of this country.
But then the objection and opposition directed towards the Sangh can be traced as much to a perception tainted by prejudice as to a misconception. There have been so many instances of people having been staunch opponents, express respect for the Sangh once the misapprehension clears. And yet, for all the serious allegations and the extreme resistance that the RSS has been subjected to, it wears at one and the same time an aura of awe and that of doubt; and therefore also one of mystery, an aura that quite defies verbal description! That's that tration of Sangh and of the Bharat!
..To be continued..  
(This is the second part of the article series (Sangha- In and Out) that is put down to make people aware of a peerless organisation in the world.. the RSS. Please go through the first part of you haven't, link attached below. The next part of the series consists of write up featuring 'Saffron Flag- the ultimate Guru! '- will be published on September 7)