Maritime India Summit: PM Modi assures to operationalize 23 waterways by 2030

NewsBharati    02-Mar-2021
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New Delhi, Mar 2: While addressing the Maritime India Summit 2021 on Mar 2, Prime Minister Narendra Modi observed that capacity of major Indian ports has increased to 1550 million tonnes annually from 870 million tonnes per annum in 2014, and said that the govt aims to operationalize 23 waterways by 2030.

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During the event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Sagar Manthan- Mercantile Maritime Domain Awareness Centre and e-book of maritime vision 2030, which is aiming to make the Indian maritime industry at par with the top global benchmark in the next 10 years. PM Modi said in his inaugural address of Maritime India Summit 2021 "Our government is investing in waterways in a way that was never seen before. Domestic waterways are found to be cost effective and environment friendly way for transporting freight. We aim to operationalize 23 waterways by 2030."
The Prime Minister added, "India has as many as 189 lighthouses across its vast coastline. We have drawn up a programme for developing tourism in the land adjacent to 78 lighthouses. The key objective of this initiative is to enhance development of the existing lighthouses and its surrounding areas into unique maritime tourism landmarks." Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the capacity of major ports which was around 870 million tonnes per annum in 2014, has increased to around 1550 million tonnes annually now. He added, "This productivity gain not only helps our ports but also boost the overall economy by making our products more competitive."
The Govt of India is also focusing on the domestic ship building and ship repair market and thus, in order to encourage domestic shipbuilding the govt has also approved the Shipbuilding Financial Assistance Policy for Indian Shipyards. The Prime Minister also invited the world to invest in Indian maritime sector, "India's long coastline awaits you. India's hardworking people await you. Invest in our ports. Invest in our people. Let India be your preferred trade destination. Let Indian ports be your port of call for trade and commerce."