Mumbai: 7 arrested for attacking animal activists, 5-7 tonnes of suspected beef seized

Police recovered 5-7 tonnes of suspected beef, which was sent to forensics for verification to ascertain if the meat was indeed beef or not.

NewsBharati    17-Jan-2022 16:55:46 PM
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Mumbai, January 17: Aslam Abdul Mulla Qureshi and Salim Qureshi were among the 7 arrested by Mumbai Police on charges of attempt to murder, and rioting after 2 animal activists. Police personnel were attacked by a mob of over 40 men at Kasaiwadi in Chunabhatti where they had gone to raid a truck carrying illegal beef, said reports.

As per reports, police have recovered 5 to 7 tonnes of suspected beef, which has been sent to forensics for verification to ascertain if the meat was indeed beef or not.
Animal welfare officer Ashish Kamlakar Barik suffered serious injuries after the mob hit him with rods. He was rushed to a nearby hospital. Another activist, Pratik Nanavare, was also hit with sticks on his back. Besides, 2 police officers too, were shoved by the mob which protested against the raid.

Nanavare was quoted saying, “We had a tip-off that a truck (MH03-CV7665) was to head towards Kasaiwada with beef around 6 AM on Sunday. We called up the police for help to raid the truck and seize the beef. Two unarmed police officials accompanied us.”
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Nanavare said that when they reached Kasaiwada, a frenzied mob of more than 40 men attacked them with sticks and rods. He said Barik was especially targeted, and he started bleeding from the head. Nanavare says the mob also attacked him with sticks and that he is soon going to file a statement with the police.

The incident shows the force of beef smuggling in Maharashtra, especially Mumbai. In September 2021, 100 tonnes of illegal beef, buffalo meat was recovered from 2 places in Gulbarga after a Mumbai-based NGO filed a complaint to Karnataka state authorities about illegal cattle slaughters happening along Maharashtra-Karnataka border & illegal beef being smuggled into Mumbai by road.