Possibility of Peace with Pakistan

Question is how do we counter this echo system and become a powerful nationalist India which is threatened by this echo system. This leftist liberal system is also supported by most of the members of civic society and raises the issue on selective basis with selective amnesia.

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Pakistan is in thick soup, socially, politically and economically. It is very close to being bankrupt, but if you say that Pakistani deep state or establishment is individually poor than it will be fallacious. They all are rich but nation is poor and fighting as part of survival instinct. Meanwhile people will keep on suffering and leaders including COAS will be travelling abroad as part of loan management lest it defaults.
Intellectual bankruptcy has reached to that level that you will find some very elite speakers from Pakistan saying that there is nothing special if the country defaults on loan payment.
Suddenly, you may find that lot many Pakistani intellectuals talk of amending the relations with India? I can assure you as Pakistan improve its economic situation which may take at least a decade if it continues to exist as a nation, we will be back to square as far as tense situation with Pakistan is concerned. So, bankrupt Pakistan or weak Pakistan is in India’s favour.
Debate on India’s partition on religious lines will continue, more so when India continues to do well and Pakistan continues to do bad as it is doing. So, what is the role of Indian Muslims and where do they stand. Normally you will find their statement that they have opted to stay in India out of loyalty to India which they know is untrue in most of the instances.

So, what is the role of Indian Muslims in development of peaceful India – Pakistan relations. Can they help in ensuring that Pakistan stays without crossing the red lines as laid down by Modi regime after Balacoat strike.
Bottom line is that prosperous Pakistan is strong Pakistan which cannot accept the existence of strong India and will make every endeavour to weaken India from inside. India is more vulnerable from inside than outside alone and there comes the role of some Muslims who stay in India and align with breaking Indian forces. There comes the role of individuals like Sharjeel Imam who take advantage of Indian system and democratic institution while working in alignment with breaking India forces. Are they working as lone wolf or are part of echo system to weaken India? There comes the answer straight from George Soros who finances the echo system to strengthen the breaking India forces and it consists of political leaders looking for power, unexposed infiltrators in the Indian bureaucracy and police, Lawyers and journalists who work in Indian judicial system and social media and so many pseudo intellectuals who have fallen to the side or out of favour and most of them are not even aware what is the game all about. One needs resources to run the social media campaign or understanding the implications of active digital media platform like news laundry and so many in that category who campaigns against govt of India and administration and make their task difficult. These work tirelessly to expose Indian fault lines so that we fail as a strong nation or do not achieve our potential. The paradox is that George Soros finances the anti-India system in the garb of anti-Modi platforms which primarily consists of leftist -liberals who do not support any capitalist system in India but has no hesitation to take support from George Soros who is a Jew and has made money through free markets under capitalist system.
This is a big paradox but it exists and work as a well-oiled anti India system. This is the same echo system which organised violent protests against CAA laws and planned to throw the elected govts out of the power. Now, you can imagine what is the implication of Hassan Nisar statement when he said that India would have been like USA, had all the Muslims gone to Pakistan on partition. Who stopped them? Imagine the folly of Nehru and his political friends. Incidentally Jinnah is not to be blamed for this because Pakistan did not develop as per his perceived vision because it was not destined that way but probably, he failed to understand.
Question is how do we counter this echo system and become a powerful nationalist India which is threatened by this echo system. This leftist liberal system is also supported by most of the members of civic society and raises the issue on selective basis with selective amnesia.
Let us be clear about it, strong Pakistan will ensure India remains disturbed and internal fault lines are exposed. So, what should be our strategy? We ought to work on two fronts, externally we should ensure that we do not provide any anti India excuse to different factions of Pakistan polity? Pakistan may be on the way to balkanize again but this process will take time and let it implode as per its convenience in terms of times and resources available .One point should be clear, during this process, Pakistan will try to consolidate its internal forces with some anti India rhetoric and excuse but we do not have to provide that ammunition .However , we have to weaken break India forces so that they are not able to provide any support to external anti India forces led by George Soros and his allies. Have no doubt about that middle east forces led by Saudi Arabia have changed the course about the entire issue and aligned with nationalist forces in India. That brings the context of most of the Indian Muslims who realise that they will be on the wrong side of history if they still keep away from the natural flow of events which are unfolding in India. Muslim nationalists like Najeeb Jang, former Lt Governor of Delhi and Lt Gen Shah are leading this pack and they need all the support.
So, where does the future of India- Pakistan relationship stand? It stands in breaking the alliance between external and internal facets of breaking India forces. Actions like Balacoat strike or Surgical strikes inside Pakistan are just one facet of it. Unless the total alignment is broken it will not ensure peaceful India Pakistan relation. It will facilitate the implosion of Pakistan as well. Historical events follow their own course and we are just the tools of history.

Col Virendra Kumar

Col Virendra Kumar, a Military Veteran with 27 years of Army , alumni of Pantnagar, IIM Bangalore , Symbiosis Pune ,wears multiple hats . He has got national and international exposure during his Army tenures and corporate stint with leading US MNC He is passionate about Military history , Indian history , national and international affairs .