Brihadeeswara Mandir: An Ancient Engineering Marvel

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In India, most people think that engineering is a very new technique that has come to India from the West. But when one visits temples, palaces, and forts built in ancient India don't you think one must really question how these places have stood intact for so many hundred years now and how they were built? These places give us an insight into the knowledge and techniques that India possesses in building designs and construction.
On the occasion of Engineers Day, let us dig into one of the greatest ancient engineering marvels built by Hindu King RajaRaja Chola - Brihadeeswara Mandir, the first all-granite temple in the world.
Brihadisvara Mandir Engineering Marvel
1.Brihadeeswara Mandir is built of interlocking stones without any binding material. This interlocking method means that no cement, plaster, or adhesive was used between the stones.
2.Brihadeeswara Mandir has survived 1,000 years and 6 earthquakes
3.The highly developed, flawless and perfect Brihadeeswara Mandir is the Vedic building technology used by King RajaRaja Chola
4.Brihadeeswara Mandir's tower at 216 feet was likely the tallest in the world at the time and no 200-feet structure in this world is built without binding materials, cements, or blocks.
Brihadisvara Mandir Engineering Marvel
The Brihadeeswara Mandir which is way older has zero degree inclination.
There is also a huge Nandi right in front of the Brihadeeswara Mandir - which is carved out of only one piece of stone.
7.1.3 lakh ton of granite was used to build the Brihadeeswara Mandir which was transported by 3,000 elephants from 60 kms away.
The Brihadeeswara Mandir was constructed without digging the earth
9.The Kumbham at the top of the Brihadeeswara Mandir tower weighs 81 tons and is carved from a single piece of granite

Brihadisvara Mandir Engineering Marvel 
Brihadeeswara Mandir took only 7 years to complete.
Over 100 passageways exist underground, which lead to the Palace of Raja and other places throughout the city.
12.Hindu Marathas protected Brihadeeswara Mandir from Mughal invasion, and gave it the name Brihadeeshwara or the Great Ishwara.
No world wonder ever comes close to the level of engineering used to construct the Brihadisvara Mandir. There is nothing quite like it and there will never be something quite like it. We must treasure this timeless marvel. However, there are many such wonders built by our Hindu Kings and some were destroyed by the Mughals.

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