For second episode of News Bharati's 'Bharat Talks', Shefali Vaidya interacts with Vinay Patrale for 'Do Dhage Shree Ram ke Liye'

In the second episode of Bharat Talks , celebrated Author Shefali Vaidya has interacted with Vinay Patrale, President, Heritage Hand Weaving Charitable Trust.

NewsBharati    25-Sep-2023 16:56:54 PM   
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Pune, Sep 25: News Bharati's latest initiative 'Bharat Talks' is back with an interesting second episode, this time with a voluble interaction with Vinay Patrale, exploring the movement and purpose of 'Do Dhage Shree Ram ke Liye'.

Bharat Talks Episode 2 
News Bharati is engaged in a new series of interviews with the title 'Bharat Talks', that will be presented as both videos and podcasts. In the second episode, celebrated Author Shefali Vaidya has interacted with Vinay Patrale, President, Heritage Hand Weaving Charitable Trust. The interaction throws an insight in the new chapter of Karaseva for Shree Ram Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya, that has been planned with the initiative of 'Do Dhage Shree Ram ke Liye'.
Through the "Do Dhage Shree Ram Ke Liye" initiative, organized by Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, Ayodhya & Heritage Handweaving Revival Charitable Trust, Pune people will connect to the Shree Ram Janmabhoomi yet again. From 10th to 22nd December, thousands of people will weave on handlooms in Pune to create Vastras for Shri Ram Lalla viraajman at Ayodhya. The interaction between Shefali Vaidya and Vinay Patrale throws light on wide spectrum that is associated with the initiative of stitching 'Vastras' for Ram Lalla, through 'Do Dhage Shree Ram Ke Liye'.

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Himali Nalawade

Himali Nalawade is associated with News Bharati as an Author since a considerable period. She is mostly linked with researched articles from the areas of Defence, Defence Infrastructure and Culture-Religion. Along with her Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism after her graduation in History, she has also studied Diploma in Underwater Archaeology and Diploma in Indology.