Bhopal Police files FIR against Shibu Thomas for defaming India by circulating fake plot of Christian Persecution

NewsBharati    22-Feb-2021
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New Delhi, February 22: Up in the move to unearth one of the massive conspiracies by Christian missionary NGO 'Persecution Relief', the Bhopal Police has registered an FIR against Shibu Thomas, the founder, for defaming India by circulating fake narrative of Christian Persecution and sending false reports to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom.
This is probably after the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights issued directions to Bhopal DIG, as revealed by the the Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF).
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The LRPF had at first lodged multiple complaints with the MHA against the NGO for sending false reports to international agencies resulting in India being declared as a country dangerous for Religious Minorities by USCIRF.
Three of those read-
1. Seeking action against Anti National Activities of Persecution Relief
2. Holding US Citizenship and involving & influencing Indian Politics and participating Missionary Activities (which is clear violation under section 14b of the Foreigners Act, 1946)
3. For defaming National Child Rights Commission by spreading lies that Christian Orphanages are being persecuted and fake cases under POCSO are registered against Pastors in India
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The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, responding to the third above had then directed the Madhya Pradesh government to furnish report based on the allegations and then directed Bhopal DIG to register FIR against him under sections 499, 500 of IPC. This is further after Shibu Thomas, the founder could not substantiate the allegations made. The organisation we talk about, claims to help ‘persecuted’ Christians in India and has been working clandestinely, carrying out anti-national activities.

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Persecution Relief has been set up by one Shibu Thomas from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the organizations involved in the collection of information on incidents of alleged ‘Christian persecution’ in India and submitting it to various international organizations including the United States Council on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), a body of Christian Crusaders, waging a religious war stealthily on native religions and cultures.
NOTE-  Watch full video of the webinar in order to understand their modus operandi and levels of their conspiracy
Incalculable damage has been done to the prestige and image of India in the eyes of the international world through the notorious attempts of a Christian missionary NGO that is out to destroy native culture and religions. In its report for the year 2020, the USCIRF put India in the same league as China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and other countries where there is zilch freedom of religion. Amongst several reasons cited in its report, one of the reasons cited is the jump in Christian persecution in India.
In 2019, India was rated '10th most dangerous country for Christians to live', by UK and US-based monitoring group named Open Doors. The same monitoring group had ranked India 28th in 2014. This group was also reportedly influenced by the reports of Persecution Relief.