A look at PM Modi with the 'Turbans' in his Independence Day Speeches

NewsBharati    15-Aug-2021   
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's wardrobe has also been in the news from his outfits to the headgears he wears with the popular being 'Modi Jacket'. Be it a political rally or launch of national projects, the PM makes sure he tries to wear the traditional headgears of the place he is visiting showcasing the diversity of India.
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In all his seven speeches on Independence Day at Red Fort in New Delhi, he has sported different headgears since the year of 2014 when he became the Prime Minister of India. PM Modi has sported a variety of headgears that varies from the authentic Gujarati turban to the traditional Naga headgear.
So, let's take a look at PM Modi with the headgear in his Independence Day Speeches
2014 Independence Day
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In his maiden Independence Day address as the Prime Minister, PM Modi chose to go for a Jodhpuri 'orange and green colour 'bandhej safa' in bright red colour with green at the trail. The three colours (orange, white and green) made for representing the tricolour was perfect look for his maiden speech.
2015  Independence Day
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With base colour being yellow; it was covered with crisscrossed lines in a different shade of the same colour which also had red and green stripes. PM Modi opted for a full-sleeve cream colour kurta along with white churidar payjama. and 'Modi jacket'. Keeping the patriotic spirit alive, he finished off the look with a tri-coloured pocket square for celebrations of the 69th Independence Day.
2016  Independence Day
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In this year, though PM Modi's outfit was plain the highlight became the twisted headgear which he flattered by wearing a red, pink and yellow colored Rajasthani safa. It had a dash of green and red along with a long trail that extended till his ankle.
2017 Independence Day
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The Prime Minister's turban for 2017 was a mix of bright red and yellow with criss-crossed golden lines all over it. Modi finished off the look with his trademark beige coloured half-sleeve bandhgala kurta. Just like this year, the turban for the 71st Independence Day also had a long trail.
2018 Independence Day
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The Prime Minister opted a saffron turban for the 72nd Independence Day. The largely saffron turban also had a dash of red and its long trail almost extended till his ankle. The colour saffron is a signifier of sacrifice and courage. The look was enhanced with a churidar and a plain white full-sleeved kurta.
2019 Independence Day 
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In this year, PM Modi went for a predominately yellow-coloured twisted headgear. However, it had a variety of colours in it. It had a dash of green and red along with a long trail that extended till his ankle. He kept the outfit simple as he donned plain white half-sleeved kurta paired with his signature taut churidar.
2020 Independence Day
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On the occasion of India's 74th Independence Day, Prime Minister was seen wearing a mixed orange color headgear, with a dash of yellow shade along with a long trail. He wore a look with his trademark light cream-colored half-sleeve taut churidar. He did not forget the current situation of COVID-19, so, he has added a scarf, like a mask in white color having orange borders.