New reveal! String team in Mumbai says ready for the Surgical strike- So, HOW's THE JOSH?

NewsBharati    14-Feb-2021   
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Pune, February 14: "We are safe in Mumbai", the String team tweeted this morning calming down the panic among the String followers, nation lovers and truth seekers. The String team after the deleted YT video episode that exposed the Greta Thunberg toolkit, yesterday moved to Mumbai from Hyderabad after the Janam TV COO Suresh Kochattil recieved calls suggesting carry off of the String members.

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The team that is safe in Mumbai, yet in an another tweet this morning said that it was ready for the surgical strike against the leftist cabal and posted PM Modi's video also asked, "HOW's THE JOSH". Earlier the day in a series of incidents, Suresh Kochattil had tweeted that he had recieved calls suggesting pick of the team. "Strategy is to pick up the team from Hyderabad, interrogate and get them to reveal their sources", he had said. 
Later, Suresh Nakhua, the Maharashtra BJP spokesperson assured all the required support to the team. "You people are safe in Mumbai @StringReveals", he had tweeted. The events turned scary and spine tingling as the team string members made their way from Hyderabad to Mumbai.
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Before, the Legal Rights Observatory in a letter to the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval had requested to provide immediate security to the members of the String team. “Wrote letter to NSA Shri Ajit Doval requesting security assessment of 6 members of @StringReveals Team following their shocking videos, exposing media n individual members of #GeorgeSoros Gang. After video expose, @YouTubeIndia had illegally removed those videos #ToolKitExposed”, LRO had tweeted.
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Vinodh in the #BigExpose video had explained the nexus between institutions funded by George Soros, certain India media entities and a few activists, and how a coordinated social media propaganda on the ‘farmers’ protest was being carried out with help from both inside and outside and the country. Further it had shed light on DIGIPUB, an association of media entities like The Wire, Scroll, The Quint, The News Minute, Newslaundry, Alt News and how these media entities and its associated journalists found mention in Greta’s tool kit that had details to carry out a nefarious propaganda against India.