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This is what our Indian Flag would look like if Gandhi Ji’s decision would have taken into the consideration..!

India’s 75th Independence day is around the corner, and everyone is celebrating #HarGharTiranga campaign. What a thoughtful campaign it is, that is bringing everyone together and promoting unity. However there is a history behind this flag, and I am sure no one will tell you the “Entire Story” the Real Truth...

World Breastfeeding Week: 5 Things we still treat as taboo when it comes to breastfeeding

Today is the first of August and this entire week which is 1st - 7th of August is celebrated as World Breast Feeding Week. The question come why we need to “Celebrate” this week? The answer is simple. World Breastfeeding Week aims to highlight the huge benefits that breastfeeding can bring to the health and welfare of..

Boycott Gana.Com is trending after “Sir Tan Se Juda” was going viral on Gana.Com

The popular website Gana.Com is in news again. Before it was news for some good songs and podcasts, but now it is trending all over the internet because netizens are asking to ban it. After “Sir Tan Se Juda” sound was going viral on this website. As netizens pointed out the slogans and audio which said, “Gustakh e Nabi ki ek hi saza sir tan se juda” was going viral on these platforms as many people are downloading it and using it in short videos, that are being posted on various social media platforms...

5 times when Hindu gods were being insulted…!

For the last few days in India, conflict over religious beliefs is increasing. Take Kanhaiyalal or Umesh Kolhe’s killings as an example. But we haven’t s seen this happening when Hindu gods were being insulted. Filmmaker Leena Mainmekalai recently insulted goddess Kaali with her film poster, but this wasn’t the first time when Hindu Gods were being insulted. Here are the 5 major controversies where people shamelessly insulted Hindu Deities and guess what no one was being killed. ..

No one is killed or beheaded even after disrespecting the Hindu Gods, that’s the Sanskriti Hindus follow..!

After Udaipur, Amravati also saw the brutal murder of a Hindu man because he supported Nupur Sharma. And then one after the other death threats, “Gustakh e nabi ki ek hi saza, sir tan se Juda” was still going viral on social media. And then comes to the “Disrespect of maa Kaali” video/poster of the new movie Kaali. Where she is shown smoking and drinking. Again Hindu sentiments were hurt. But have you seen anyone? Is any Hindu killing anyone? Or giving death threats? Leena Mainmekali just like that ..

Is Nupur Sharma really responsible for what is happening in the country? #SupremeCourt

After Kanhaiyalal’s murder in Rajasthan, today's Supreme Court's statement is something that disturbed the entire country, especially Hindus in this country. Supreme Court slams Nupur Sharma for her loose toungue and said, “Nupur Sharma is single-handedly responsible for what is happening in our country.” This one statement from Supreme Court is almost giving clean chit to the brutal murderers and inviting riots in the country. And, it is extremely disappointing...

He wasn’t Akhlaq and that’s why his life doesn’t matter…!#Kanhaiyalal

Yesterday was a black day yet again for humanity. An aged tailor from Udaipur named Kanhaiyalal was brutally beheaded just because he supported Nupoor Sharma’s statement. He shared a post on social media and that was his fault. 2 Jehadi named Mohammad Ghaus and Mohammad Riaz killed him brutally. Kanhaiyalal wasn’t Akhlaq and that’s why the entire nation is mum. No one is holding placards, no celebrity is coming forward. These two jehadis brutally killed kanhaiyalal and then posted a Video saying “Rasoolall..

Do you know Aditi Gupta? A Menstrual Educator and inspiration to Indian Women…!

Whenever we hear the word Menstruation or Periods what is our first expression? It is mostly “Hush Hush”. We try to hide it, use code words like ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘P’ or ‘Those days’ or even commonly used ‘menses’. But we try not to talk about it openly right? And then there come myths around this subject as well. But there is a girl named “Aditi Gupta” who is not only creating awareness regarding this subject but has created a business around it - ‘Menstrupedia’ and helping young girls to understand ..

Girija Tickoo…! The real Sharda Pandit..!

The Kashmir Files is an extremely disturbing movie, yet you have to watch it with wide-open eyes to know and digest the truth. The scenes that are there will leave you in a state of shock and shivers. One such scene is where Krishna Pandit’s mother Sharda Pandit, is tortured, molested, killed, and cut in two halves with the woodcutter machine. Like the entire movie, this particular scene is also true and it had happened with the Real Sharda Pandit whose name was “Girija Tickoo”...

Pregnant Elephant dies in Kerala after eating pineapple filled with firecrackers fed to her by locals

In a shocking incident, a 15-year-old elephant died after eating a pineapple filled with a firecracker that exploded in her mouth when locals fed it to her. The tragic incident came to light after a forest officer in Malappuram district shared the details of the horrific incident on his Facebook page...

Uber India Lays Off around 600 employees as COVID-19 decimates its business

Ride-hailing Uber's President Pradeep Parameswaran on Tuesday announced the company laid off 600 employees in India as part of its plans to cut 23% of its global workforce as the company looks to cut costs amid pandemic...