The curious case of Disha Ravi : Angelized demon of the Liberals?

NewsBharati    15-Feb-2021   
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The social media is stocked up with liberal content in support of Disha Ravi, a 22 year old environment activist from Bengaluru, who was arrested by the Delhi Police due to indirect involvement in the violent Farmers' protest that took place in the national capital on the 72nd Republic Day of the world's largest democracy. Liberals, like every other time, have ganged up against the administrative authorities by catalyzing a movement on social media to build up social pressure and leave them with no option but to release Disha Ravi. And, as the twitter trend increases the reach, more conformists will be joining the movement without even knowing the details about the individual and the case that should be known before extending support for Disha Ravi's release or even in support of the authorities who have arrested her. Let us understand what actually is the curious case of Disha Ravi;

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It is funny how every time the liberals have some excuse to conveniently sideline the actions of individuals that exhibit anti-national elements. It happened during the encounter of Burhan Wani, it happened during the arrests of Safoora Zargar and Varavara Rao and today it happens again when the liberals are playing the 'age' card yet another time stating that Disha Ravi is a '22 year old kid' who is being victimized to the agenda of the conservatives. Liberals have a habit of putting up a baseless and impractical argument to support their cause. Therefore, when Burhan Wani was encountered, leftists were on the roads justifying his anti-national acts with statements like "He was son of a school maths teacher, how can he be involved in militant activities?" and were showering stones on the jawans who work for nothing but the security of our people.
Leftists used the 'sympathy' card to create public pressure on the authorities when Safoora Zargar was arrested regarding the anti-CAA riots that took place in Feb 2020 at the national capital, stating that the woman was more than three months pregnant when Delhi police had arrested her for being the 'key conspirator' in the destruction that took place at Delhi. Zargar was later released based on the background of being with a child, as suggested by law. In the Disha Ravi case, there are two main points that the leftists are putting forth; Why is a 22 year old being taken into a custody of five days? and that too, for protesting against the government, which is absolutely rightful in a democratic country like our's? But there is much more to the picture than the leftist portrayal of a victimized innocent 22 year old kid.

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The 22 year old, Disha Ravi from Bengaluru has been involved in environmental movements since an early age. She had become a part of a climate activist group called 'Fridays for Future', which was started by Greta Thunberg in 2018. Ravi started the India wing of the FOF group in 2019 and currently heads the organization in the country. Disha Ravi has achieved a lot at an early age and the environmental movements she is leading speak no less of her success. However, the little angel is credible of much more than just the environmental movements.
According to their recent tweets, the Delhi Police have arrested Ravi based on serious accusations that she was the one who shared the toolkit document with Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg and that Ravi is a key conspirator in the formulation and dissemination of the document that “indicates a copycat execution of a conspiracy behind the Jan 26 violence.” The Delhi Police have also said that “She started WhatsApp Group and collaborated to make the Toolkit doc. She worked closely with them to draft the Doc.” Through another tweet, the police have also claimed that “In this process, they all collaborated with pro Khalistani Poetic Justice Foundation to spread disaffection against the Indian State.”
In case of such serious accusations there is no chance for any individual, who no matter how young but is actually defined as an adult in terms of law, to be released merely on the basis of his age and the claim that in a democratic country like India, every citizen enjoys freedom of expression and right to protest against the government. The problem in Disha Ravi's case is not her support to the ongoing farmers' protest but to a more serious matter that reflects anti-national elements. Ravi has been arrested for sedition, promoting enmity and criminal conspiracy over her alleged involvement in the 'toolkit' being investigated by the Delhi Police. A toolkit is a social media document that explains an issue and action plan of the farmer's protest beginning from Jan 15, including the violence that took place on Jan 26 at Delhi. The Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had earlier told Twitter that the toolkit was proof that a strong social media campaign was being planned outside India and Twitter was one of the platforms for the mobilization.
Greta Thunberg had tweeted and shared the 'toolkit' in order to extend her support to the ongoing farmers' protest. The Delhi Police through their tweet had clarified that it was evident through the data revived from Ravi's social media platforms that she had later asked Greta to remove the main document after its incriminating details accidentally became public. Ravi was thus arrested by the cyber crime unit of Delhi Police from her home in North Bengaluru on Feb 13, only after thoroughly scrutinizing the available evidence against her regarding the sensitive issue that the 22 years old 'kid' is allegedly involved in. In the Indian democracy, individuals enjoy several kinds of freedom but the fact that every freedom is bound to certain limitation is distanced from consideration. Disha Ravi has been kept into a police custody of five days only after strong evidence was found against her suggesting her involvement in a highly anti-national movement, that undeniably seeks judicial attention. Do we still stand with the accused for being a kid?